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Dr. Katherine S. Conway-Turner, President

Dr. Katherine S. Conway-Turner, President


"SUNY Buffalo State is an institution that lifts students up to be their very best and make a difference in the world."

—Dr. Katherine S. Conway-Turner, President

President's Office

Buffalo State Administration

Conway-Turner, Katherine S.

Perreault, Melanie L.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Bair, Susanne P.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

LeVine, Michael F.
Vice President for Finance and Management

Mayrose, James
Interim CIO and Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications

Gordon, Timothy W. 
Vice President for Student Affairs

Durand, Bonita R.
Chief of Staff

Jones, Karen A. Clinton
Chief Diversity Officer

Schools Administration

Christy, Benjamin C.
Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities

Zientek, Rita
Interim Dean of the School of the Professions

Paterson, Wendy A.
Dean of the School of Education

Miller, Kevin J.
Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Severson, Mark W.
Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences

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