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Parking Lot Regulations and Restrictions

Parking lot regulations and restrictions are posted at lot entrances and must be observed by all motorists on campus.

Parking is restricted to areas designated as motor vehicle parking lots or spaces. Parking in all lots is restricted to vehicles displaying valid parking permits. Motor vehicles may park only in areas assigned by permit to the registrant or visitor. University Police may grant special parking provisions in extraordinary circumstances.

For the purpose of snow removal and the repair and maintenance of lots and roadways, overnight parking (1:00 a.m.–6:00 a.m.) is generally prohibited on the Buffalo State campus. Overnight parking is permitted in Lots G, M-2, and R only. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.

See the campus map for lot locations.

Student Parking

Student parking is by permit only and is valid only in areas designated as student parking. A fee of $25 will be assessed for replacement student 
parking permits

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking (1:00 a.m.–6:00 a.m.) is prohibited on the Buffalo State campus except for Lots R-14, G-22, and I-39. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed. Fines incurred for vehicles towed froms.

Faculty/Staff Parking

Certain lots or portions of lots are reserved for faculty and staff use only. These lots are appropriately marked at their entrances. Only vehicles with valid faculty/staff or vendor permits are authorized in these lots; valid permits must be properly displayed at all times. With the exception of Lot Y, faculty/staff permits also are valid in student lots. They are not valid in metered areas.

Student use of faculty/staff parking permits is prohibited. Violation will result in ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle, confiscation of the permit, and possible disciplinary action against the faculty or staff member who obtained the parking permit. Terminated employees must remove parking permits from their vehicles.

Motorcycle and Moped Parking

Motorcycles and mopeds must be parked in the designated motorcycle parking areas of Lots R-12, I-37, or R-5 along Rockwell Road. Motorcycles and mopeds parked elsewhere will be ticketed and/or towed.

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