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Career and Technical Education, B.S.

About the Program

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Accredited

Enrollment in all teacher education programs follows the guidelines for "Admission to Teacher Education Programs" found in the catalog. Applicants who do not yet meet all admissions criteria should consult with the department.

This program prepares career and technical teachers for teaching positions in city high schools, area vocational schools (BOCES), technical institutes, correctional facilities, and community college technical programs. It provides theoretical and practical preparation in planning, instructing, and managing the learning environment for students who have or will have extensive work experience in agricultural education, business and marketing education, family and consumer sciences subject education, health careers education, technical education, or trade education. Students in career and technical education complete coursework in career and technical education to be recommended for initial certification (grades 712) in New York State in one of over 83 certification titles. A complete listing of Certification Titles and Codes for Career and Technical Subjects can be found on the New York State Education Department website.

About the Career and Technical Education Department

122 Bacon Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-4717

Admission Requirements

1. Verified full-time trade experience: four years with high school diploma, or two years with an A.A.S. degree in the occupational area, or one year with a B.S. degree and 36 credit hours of coursework in the occupational area, or a work-study arrangement (see EPOT, below).
2. High school diploma or equivalent: High school students interested in entering the program prior to completing the required work experience may apply for the EPOT program (Early Preparation of Occupational Teachers). Applicants must be able to locate a position in their trade. They will take courses in the evening, leading to a B.S. degree and teacher certification, while learning their trade in a paid position. The program takes about five years to complete.
3. Admission review.
4. Trade proficiency verified by a practical and theoretical examination.
5. Students entering the program must take Buffalo State College’s math and English competency exams prior to the completion of 9 hours of college credit.
*Evening study available.

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33-39 cr

Total Required Credit Hours in Career and Technical Education 66 cr

A. Major Field (30 cr)

CTE 100 Comprehensive Theoretical Trade or Technical Skills (15)
CTE 200 Comprehensive Theoretical Trade or Performance Skills (15)

B. Professional Requirements (36 cr)
CTE 301/ BME 301 Principles of Business/Marketing and Technology Education
CTE 302/ BME 302 Curriculum and Evaluation in Business/Marketing and Technology Education
CTE 306 Laboratory Management
CTE 311 Career Mentoring Internship
CTE 350 School and Community Relationship Field Experience
CTE 402 Assessment Techniques in Career and Technical Subjects
CTE 404 Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Subjects
CTE 413 Student Teaching Career and Technical Education (6)
CTE 415 Professional Development Seminar
CTE 421 Occupational Education for Individuals with Special Needs
CTE 435 Curricular Problems of Career and Technical Schools

C. Required Courses in Behavioral Studies (3 cr)
SPF 303 Educational Psychology

All College Electives 18-21 cr

Total Required Credit Hour 120 cr

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