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African and African American Studies (Minor)

About the Program

The African and African American Studies minor delineates the roles played by the people of Africa in countries all over the world. People of African descent live not only in the United States, but also in Canada, the Caribbean islands, Europe and South America. The minor deals with contributions made by Africa and the Black Diaspora to the global community. It focuses on Africana studies, which includes African, African American, and Caribbean people and their impact on a broad range of disciplines, including but not limited to: anthropology, art, history, culture, language and literature, political science, sociology, and gender studies.

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 18 cr

A. Required Courses (3 cr)
AAS 100 Introduction to Africana Studies

B. Literature, Arts and Language (6 cr)
ENG 240 African American Literature to 1940
ENG 241 African American Literature since 1940
DAN 230 Survey of African American Dance
DAN 234 The History of the Black Dance Movement
DAN 250 Jazz Dance
FAR 380 Art of Africa
FAR 366 African American Art
MUS 209 Sub-Saharan African Music and Cultures
MUS 305 Modern Jazz
THA 421 Black Drama in American

C. Social Sciences and Education (6 cr)
AAS 333 African International Relations
ANT 305 Peoples of Africa
ANT 411 African Kinship and Marriage
CRJ 425 Race and the Administration of Justice
HIS 306 Africa to 1800
HIS 322 African American History
HIS 337 Africa Since 1800
HIS 341 African Americans and Civil Rights
HIS 468 Readings in African American History
HIS 469 Black Protest and Leadership in the United States in the Twentieth Century
PSC 218 African American Political Culture
PSC 333 African International Relations
SOC 321 The African American Family
SOC 351 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

D. General Electives (3 cr)
AAS 189 Topics Course
AAS 389 Topics in African And African American Studies
AAS 488 Internship
AAS 495 Special Project
AAS 499 Independent Study

Or any class from B and C

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