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Women and Gender Studies (Minor)

About the Program

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the experiences of women, as well as the many ways that gender, sex, and sexuality impact people’s lives. Women and Gender Studies examines a range of issues including: how gender currently and historically has affected women and men’s life events, social and political power, and experiences in sociocultural institutions; the portrayal of women and men in art, literature, and media; sociocultural and biological influences on gender development; how gender influences thought and behavior; how gender intersects with other forms of diversity, such as race, class, and culture; the nature of sexuality; and feminist theory and scholarship.

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 18 cr
Required Courses (3 cr)

WGS 101 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
SOC 312 Women in Society

Electives (15 cr) - 9 or more credits must come from Group A
Group A: Women and Gender as Primary Focus

AED 365 Seminar in Feminist Art and Criticism
ANT 332 Women and Men in Prehistory
ANT 340 Women in Anthropological Perspective
CRJ 430 Gender and the Administration of Justice
ECO 302 Women in Economy
ENG 231 Women in Literature
ENG 385 Gender and Sexuality in Literature
HEW 308 Women's Health Issues
HIS 302 History of Women in America
HIS 445 History of Women and Gender in the Middle East
PSC 225 Women in American Politics
PSY 387 Psychology of Gender
REL 303 Women in Religion
SOC 212 Feminist Theory
SOC 310 Sociology of Sex and Gender
WGS 189 Topics in Women and Gender Studies
WGS 389 Topics in Women and Gender Studies
WGS 488 Internship
WGS 495 Independent Project
WGS 499 Independent Research

Group B: Women and Gender in A Broader Context
ANT 350 Global Marriage Practices
BUS 305 Workplace Diversity in the 21st Century
FTT 348 History of Costume
PHI 308 Philosophy of Love and Sex
PSC 319 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Politics
PSC 375 Race/Sex/Politics of Myth
PSY 383 Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior
SOC 320 Sociology of the Family
SOC 392 Sociology of Sexual Behavior
SPC 326 Film Analysis and Evaluation
SPC 333 Race, Class, and Gender in Media
SWK 310 Sexuality in Human Development

Note: Specific sections of topics courses (e.g., ANT 189, ANT 389, COM 389, ENG 322, SWK 485) that are relevant to Women and Gender Studies may be counted toward the minor with the approval of the Women’s Studies Coordinator. Group A or B status will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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