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Physics, B.A.

About the Program

The physics B.A. program provides a good concentration in physics courses and a broad distribution in the liberal arts. It prepares students for technical or technically related graduate school studies or employment.

About the Physics Department

262 Science Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6726
Fax: (716) 878-4421

Admission Requirements

Mathematics preparation through Algebra II/Trigonometry (or precalculus) is required.

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33–39 cr

Total Required Credit Hours in Physics 33 cr

A. Required Core Courses (18 cr)
PHY 111 University Physics I (or equivalent) (5)
PHY 112 University Physics II (or equivalent) (5)
PHY 213 University Physics III
PHY 305 Modern Atomic Physics I
PHY 320 Introduction to Theoretical Physics (4)

B. Electives in Physics (13 cr)
PHY 306 Modern Physics II
PHY 310 Computational Physics Laboratory (2)
PHY 315 Heat and Thermodynamics
PHY 323 Statics
PHY 324 Electric Circuits
PHY 410 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHY 425 Classical Mechanics (4)
PHY 435 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHY 440 Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY 441 Electricity and Magnetism II

Total Required Credit Hours Outside the Major 12 cr
MAT 161 Calculus I
MAT 162 Calculus II
MAT 163 Using Technology to Explore Calculus I (1)
MAT 164 Using Technology to Explore Calculus II (1)
MAT 263 Calculus III
MAT 264 Using Technology to Explore Calculus III (1)

All College Electives 36-42 cr

Total Required Credit Hours 120 cr

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