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History: 1901–1929

1901 - Rockwell Hall Yellow

1901 - Rockwell Hall Blue

1901- Rockwell Hall orange


1901 In just 30 years the enrollment has increased nearly tenfold to 828.

1905 High school graduation becomes a requirement for state normal school admission.

1906 The Industrial Arts Department of the State Teachers College at Albany is transferred to the normal school at Buffalo, where it is called Manual Arts Department. The rationale for the transfer is that Buffalo is a larger, more industrialized city and therefore has a greater need for vocational training teachers.

1910 The Household Arts Department opens with 75 applicants.

1914 Classes are moved to a large new home on Normal Avenue, a three-story building reminiscent of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, that is today Grover Cleveland High School.

1917 The first summer session and Saturday extension classes begin for practicing teachers.

1919 Dr. Harry W. Rockwell becomes principal of the State Normal School. The Home Economics Program becomes a four-year course leading to a bachelor of science degree.

1925 The normal course becomes a four-year program leading to a bachelor of science in education degree. The school has a combined enrollment of 3,000 in regular, summer, and extension classes.

1926 Catherine Reed is appointed the first dean of women, a position she will hold until 1955.

1928 The name of the institution is now the State Teachers College at Buffalo, and it is accredited by the American Association of Teachers Colleges. The Normal Avenue building that was supposed to accommodate the college until 1964 has proven to be too small, and ground is broken for a new campus on Elmwood Avenue, just north of the Buffalo State Hospital.

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