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HISTORY: 1930–1949

1930 - Archery orange

1930 - Archery blue

1930 The Art Education Department, the only one in the United States maintained under state auspices, is established.

1931 Students and faculty move to the new, five-building Elmwood Avenue campus.

1939 The college is accredited by the American Association of University Women.

1944 The Exceptional Education Department is founded, focusing primarily on physically challenged children.

1945 The State Education Department approves a proposal to grant the master of science in education degree.

1946 The institution, now called the New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo, receives a $1 million state allotment to build a library, industrial arts building, and science building, and to enlarge the gym and convert the old industrial arts building for use by the Home Economics Department.

1947 The Art Education Department, under the chairmanship of Dr. Stanley Czurles, is the largest in the United States.

1948 The State University of New York is formed. The college is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Pioneer Hall, the first dormitory, is built on the site of present-day Moot Hall.


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