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history: 1950–1959

1950 - Teacher teaching in blue

1950 - Teacher teaching in yellow


1951 President Harry W. Rockwell retires. Dr. Harvey M. Rice is appointed president. The institution's affiliation with SUNY is reflected in its new name: The State University College for Teachers at Buffalo, with an enrollment of 2,033 full-time students, is now the largest teachers college in the state.

1952 The college acquires 435 acres of wooded land near Franklinville (later expanded to 617 acres) for the Whispering Pines College Camp. Original price: $6,500 (plus $43,000 for lodge).

1953 New extracurricular activities include Reader's Theatre, directed by Mina S. Goosen, and Children's Theatre, conducted by Julia C. Piquette.

1954 The curriculum expands with the addition of bachelor of science in education programs in early secondary education, including English, French, Spanish, mathematics, social studies, and general science.

1958 In response to a 1953 SUNY-wide order, six sororities and three fraternities on campus go independent of their national headquarters. The ban on national Greek affiliation remains in effect until 1977.

1959 Dr. Paul G. Bulger succeeds Dr. Harvey M. Rice, becoming the third president and sixth chief executive of the college.

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