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Environmental Science (Minor)

About the Program

The environmental science minor is designed to provide a broad base of knowledge in the various natural science disciplines that compose environmental science. The minor gives students the background necessary to understand and evaluate complex environmental issues. The program also provides a basic understanding of the interrelationships of the physical, biological, and human dimensions of the environment.

About the Earth Sciences and Science Education Department

160 Science and Math Complex
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6731
Fax: (716) 878-4524

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 21-23 cr
Required Courses (21-23 cr)

Biology (3–4 cr)
BIO 104 Environmental Biology
BIO 213 Introduction to Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (4)

Physical Environment (3 cr)
Select one:

GEG 101 World Natural Environments
GES 101 Introductory Geology

Seminar (3 cr)
ENS 300 Environmental Studies

Society and Policy courses (3 cr)
Select one:

ANT 367 Culture and Ecology
ECO 355 The Economics of Energy and the Environment
HIS 330 U.S. Environmental History
PSC 305 Environmental Policy
PSY 370 Environmental Psychology
SOC 353 Environment and Society

Human Impact on the Environment (3 cr)
Select one:

ENS 100 Urban Environmental Science
GES 223 Environmental Earth Science
SCI 231 Pollution, Environment, and Society

Environmental Science (6–7 cr.)
Select two:

BIO 315 Ecology (4)
CHE 315 Environmental Chemistry
GEG 307 Conservation and Environmental Management
GEG 365 Soil Science and Management
GEG 375 Principles of Hydrology
GEG 386 Applied Climatology
GEG 421 Watershed Analysis
GEG 478 Global Change
GES 310 Great Lakes Environmental Issues
GES 350 Environmental Geochemistry
GES 452 Hydrogeology
GES 460 Environmental Field Methods and Analysis
PLN 360 Environmental Impact Assessment

* In this category, students may also choose one environmentally related internship (488), independent project (495), or independent study (499) in one of the following departments: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Science Education, Geography and Planning.

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