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Religious Studies (Minor)

About the Program

A minor in religious studies deepens students’ understanding of the various religious traditions and their own religious beliefs and values.

About the Philosophy Department

B221 Buckham Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-5136
Fax: (716) 878-4697

Program Requirements

Every candidate for the religious studies minor must take six courses from the following list, based on advisement:

Total Required Credit Hours 18 cr
Required Courses (0 cr)
Electives (18 cr)

REL 104 Introduction to Religious Studies
REL 105 Introduction to Christian Thought
REL 121 Introduction to Jewish Thought
REL 189 Introduction to Islam
REL 205 Introduction to the Old Testament
REL 206 New Testament
REL 303 Women in Global Religions
REL 306 Writings of John
REL 321 World Religions
REL 329 Contemporary Christian Thought
REL 332 Mysticism
REL 350 Holocaust
REL 488 Internship in Religious Studies
ANT 381 Religion, Myth, and Magic
ENG 130 Biblical and Classical Literature
ENG 330 Literature of the Bible
FAR 250 Art History I
FAR 251 Art History II
FAR 359 High Renaissance and Mannerisms
FLA/MCL 337 Greek and Roman Mythology
HIS 313/PSC 345 Politics and History in the Middle East
HIS 405 The Renaissance and Reformation
PHI 102 Introduction to Ethics
PHI 204 Philosophy of Religion
PHI 310 History of Ethics
PHI 324 Zen Buddhism
SOC 420 Sociology of Religion

No student may declare a minor in the same discipline as their major, therefore, a philosophy major may not declare a philosophy minor.

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