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Safety Studies (Minor)

About the Program

The major social problem of our nation in terms of wasted human and national resources is that of accidents and public health and safety as affected by numerous industrial and social processes. Safety Science and Technology is, without a doubt, the principal source of help for humanity in effectively controlling those accidents and processes which result in personal injury or death, property destruction, and degradation of the social and natural environments.

The safety minor is designed to provide the basic preparation needed by individuals for entry into the public and private health and safety professions. Courses available within the minor provide an opportunity for both general and specialized preparation in safety, risk assessment, and public policy to meet a variety of student interests and needs.

All or part of the 18 semester hours of safety course work needed to satisfy the requirements of the minor may be taken from the elective category of the degree requirements for the college major.

About the Engineering Technology Department

126 Technology Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6017
Fax: (716) 878-3033

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 18 cr

Required Courses (9 cr)
SAF 305 Fundamentals of Safety
SAF 333 Occupational Safety
SAF 340 Community Safety

Electives (9 cr), three of the following)
SAF 310 Personal Safety and First Aid
SAF 320 Product Safety
SAF 360 Industrial Hygiene
TEC 402 Ergonomics
TEC 465 Safety Management
TEC 488 Safety Internship/Externship

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