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Biology (Minor)

About the Program

The Minor in Biology (20 credits) is designed for students majoring in another department who would like to develop an additional focus of study by completing a set of courses in Biology. This option may be appropriate for students in a wide range of fields. Chemistry majors with an interest in biochemistry could profit from more background in cellular and molecular biology. Earth Science majors with an interest in paleobiology could select courses in organismal biology, ecology and evolution. Pre-health students not majoring in Biology can use the Biology Minor as an opportunity to take a coherent set of courses to prepare for entrance exams (e.g. the MCAT). The Biology Minor is also appropriate for students whose major is not in the natural sciences. For example, students interested in careers in technical writing or journalism, or students planning a career as a lawyer specializing in environmental or biotechnology issues could benefit from a minor in Biology.

About the Biology Department

166 Science and Math Complex
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-5203
Fax: (716) 878-4524

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 20 cr
Required Courses (12 cr)

BIO 111 Introduction to Biology (4)
BIO 212 Introduction to Organismal Biology and Diversity (4)
BIO 213 Introduction to Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (4)

Electives (8 cr)
An additional 8 credit hours of 300-400 level coursework selected with the assistance of a Biology faculty advisor. Coursework may include any combination of 300-400 level Biology "majors" courses (i.e., biology courses required for the Biology BA) except as explained below.

Please note the following restrictions:
1. At least three courses must be taken at Buffalo State.
2. The following cannot be applied to the Biology minor: BIO 100, BIO 101, BIO 104, BIO 210, BIO 488 (Internship), BIO 495 (Project), or BIO 499 (Independent Study)
3. BIO 308/309 Human Anatomy and Physiology are allowed as electives in the minor even though they are not allowed in the Biology BA program.
4. A maximum of 1 credit of Biology seminar (BIO 361/362) is allowed.
5. A maximum of 3 transfer courses (12 credits maximum) will be accepted as part of the Biology minor. The Department Chairperson will judge the acceptability of transfer courses.
6. A student considering the biology minor should check for prerequisite requirements when planning the program. Prerequisite requirements are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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