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Chemistry (Minor)

About the Program

All students interested in earning a minor in chemistry must complete one year of general chemistry and at least one semester of organic chemistry with lab. In addition, another eight (8) credit hours must be selected by advisement and in accordance with each student’s background and interests. Many chemistry courses have prerequisites, so care must be taken when taking elective courses.

About the Chemistry Department

164 Science and Math Complex
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-5204
Fax: (716) 878-4028

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 20 cr
Required Courses (12 cr)
CHE 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (4)
CHE 112 Fundamentals of Chemistry II (4)
CHE 201 Organic Chemistry I (3)
CHE 203 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (1)
or, instead of CHE 201 and 203, a student may substitute:
CHE 321 Principles of Organic Chemistry (4)

Electives (8 cr)
CHE 202 Organic Chemistry II
CHE 204 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (1)
CHE 300 Chemistry & Medicine
CHE 301 Analytical Chemistry (4)
CHE 310 Literature of Chemistry (1)
CHE 315 Environmental Chemistry
CHE 331 Principles of Physical Chemistry
CHE 305 Physical Chemistry I
CHE 306 Physical Chemistry II
CHE 307 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I (1)
CHE 308 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II (1)
CHE 322 Biological Chemistry (4)
CHE 470 Biochemistry I
CHE 360 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 403 Instrumental Analysis (4)
CHE 462 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 471 Biochemical Techniques (2)
CHE 472 Biochemistry II

Transfer students may apply credit taken at another institution up to a maximum of two courses (8 – 10 credits). The Chemistry Department will be the sole judge of "equivalency."

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