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Theater (Minor)

About the Program

Often a student enrolled in a major other than theater has great enthusiasm and talent for theater arts. In that case, a minor in theater is an excellent way to augment your education and to document your these aptitudes. Graduate schools and employers will see that you have a talent for theater arts, as well as experience in such areas as collaborative problem solving and project management. The minor requires 19 credits, as described below.

About the Theater Department

222 Donald Savage Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6416
Fax: (716) 878-4409

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 19 cr

Required Courses (10 credits)
THA 106 Introduction to Theater
THA 216 Theater Fundamentals
THA 226 Acting I
THA 317 History of Theater (Ancient to Baroque)
THA 318 History of Theater (Baroque to Modern)
THA 230 Theater Practicum I (1 cr.)

B. Electives (9 cr)
THA 200 Introduction to Acting: The Actor’s Instrument
THA 218 Script Analysis I: Play Reading
THA 227 Acting II: Scene Study
THA 234 Introduction to Theater Design
THA 235 Costume Construction
THA 300 Voice and Movement II
THA 316 Script Analysis II
THA 325 Business of Performing Arts
THA 327 Acting III: Advanced Scene Study
THA 329 Acting IV: Solo Show
THA 332 Period Styles for the Theater
THA 333 Scene Painting
THA 334 Costume Construction II
THA 335 Costume Design
THA 336 Lighting Techniques
THA 337 Set Design I
THA 338 Digital Design Media for Theater
THA 340 Play Writing
THA 350 Directing I
THA 370 Stage Makeup
THA 400 Voice and Movement III
THA 421 Drama from the African-American Perspective
THA 426 Advanced Acting
THA 435 Advanced Costume Design
THA 437 Set Design II
THA 450 Directing II
THA 470 Ensemble Theater

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