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Legal Studies (Minor)

About the Program

The legal studies minor is designed to prepare students for successful admission to law school by exposing students to a variety of subject matters and providing a balance in students’ educational experiences. Selecting courses from among those offered through the legal studies minor help students develop oral and written communication proficiency, as well as acquire knowledge of legal history, theory, and philosophy. The Moot Court capstone course requires students to use analytical and problem-solving skills to construct factually sound and logically consistent oral arguments.

About the Political Science Department

B218 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6116
Fax: (716) 878-3369

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours (18 cr)

Required Courses (6 cr):
PSC 250 Introduction to Law
PHI 103 Introduction to Logic or
PHI 107 Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Electives(9 cr):
Electives must be selected from at least two different departments:

BUS 334 Business Law I
BUS 335 Business Law II
CHE 312 Chemistry and Criminalistics
COM 400 Communication Law
CRJ 303 Crime, Ideology, and the Administration of Justice
CRJ 307 Comparative Criminal Justice System
CRJ 317 Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJ 320 Criminal Courts
CRJ 425 Race, Ethnicity and the Administration of Justice
CRJ 430 Gender and the Administration of Justice
ECO 360 Introduction to the Economic Analysis of the Law
HIS 341 African Americans and Civil Rights
HIS 342 English Legal History
HTR 470 Legal Issues in Hospitality
PHI 301 History of Political Philosophy
PHI 304 Philosophy of Law
PSC 317 U.S. Constitutional Law
PSC 320 U.S. Civil Liberties
SOC 380 Sociology of Crime
SOC 383 Sociology of Punishment and Corrections
SPC 321 Rhetorical Criticism

Capstone project (3 cr)
Students must take one of the following courses
PSC485/CRJ485/SOC 485 Moot Court
PSC420 Contemporary Constitutional Issues

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