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Design (Minor)

About the Program

The Design Department offers a minor in all four craft areas: Ceramics, Fiber/Weaving, Jewelry/Metal, and Wood/Furniture Programs. (Please note that the entry level course in Jewelry/Metal has Des 101 as a prerequisite.

About the Art and Design Department

402 Upton Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6032
Fax: (716) 878-4231

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours (21)
Required Foundation Course (3 cr.)
(Select one course with advisement)

DES 101 Introduction to Design 2D I
DES 103 Introduction to Design 3D I

Electives(18 cr) Select 18 credits from one of the following programs:
DES 220 Ceramics I
DES 320 Ceramics II
DES 321 Ceramics Junior Studio, repeatable
DES 421 Ceramics Senior Studio, repeatable

Robert Wood, Upton Hall 129A, (716) 878-4414
Colleen Toledano, Upton Hall 130, (716) 878-5154

DES 242 Fibers I
DES 342 Fibers II
DES 344 Fibers Junior Studio, repeatable
DES 444 Fibers Senior Studio, repeatable

Jozef Bajus, Upton Hall 413, 878-4133

DES 230 Introduction to Jewelry
DES 330 Applied Jewelry Techniques
DES 331 Jewelry Junior Studio, repeatable
DES 431 Jewelry Senior Studio, repeatable

Tara Nahabetian, Upton Hall 238, (716) 878-4904
Steve Saracino, Upton Hall 236A, (716) 878-4730

DES 250 Wood Design I
DES 350 Wood Design II
DES 351 Wood Junior Studio, repeatable
DES 451 Wood Senior Studio, repeatable

Sunhwa Kim, Upton Hall 256, (716) 878-4768

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