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Geography, B.A.

About the Program

Geography is the study of location and temporal and spatial relationships between humans and their environment. The Geography B.A. provides students with a basic foundation of the discipline. Students can take a variety of courses to experience breadth in the field, or they can focus on a subfield in geography to gain depth.

About the Geography and Planning Department

A213 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6216
Fax: (716) 878-4009

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33-39 cr

Geography Major Requirements (39 cr)
A. Required courses (18 cr)
GEG 101 World Natural Environments
GEG 102 Human Geography
GEG 325 Maps & Mapmaking using GIS
GEG 390 Quantitative Methods in Geography & Planning
GEG 396 Research Methods

Select one course from the following:
GEG 300 World Regional Geography
GEG 359 Arctic Geography from an Inuit Perspective
GEG 360 Geography of Asia
GEG 362 Geography of the United States & Canada
GEG 364 Geography of Europe

B. Electives (21 cr)
Seven additional courses in geography. Students may, in consultation with their advisor, use these electives to develop a specialty concentration.

GEG/GES 241 Meteorology
GEG 300 World Regional Geography
GEG 305 Principles of Economic Geography
GEG 307 Conservation and Environmental Management
GEG 309 Introduction to Urban Geography
GEG 310 Urban Transportation Planning
GEG 316 Watershed Pollution
GEG 359 Arctic Geography
GEG 360 Geography of Asia
GEG 362 Geography of the United States and Canada
GEG 364 Geography of Europe
GEG 365 Soil Science and Management
GEG 383 Extreme Weather
GEG 385 Past Climates and Environments
GEG 386 Weather and Society
GEG 405 Urban Analysis Using GIS
GEG 409 Industrial Geography
GEG 416 Geographies of Development
GEG 418 Remote Sensing
GEG 419 Globalization, Technology, Competition and Service Economies
GEG 421 Watershed Analysis
GEG 423 Biogeography
GEG 425 Fundamentals of GIS
GEG 427 Corporate Applications in GIS
GEG 428 Environmental Assessment and Planning Applications in GIS
GEG 429 Advanced Topics in GIS
GEG 478 Global Change
GEG 485 Interactive and Web-based Mapping

All College Electives 42-48 cr

Total required credit hours 120 cr

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