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Music Education (Pre-K-12), Mus.B

About the Program

National Association of Schools of Music (Accredited)

Enrollment in all teacher education programs follows the guidelines for "Admission to Teacher Education Programs" found in the catalog. Applicants who do not yet meet all admissions criteria should consult with the department.

The music education program leads to a New York State Initial Certificate for teaching general, vocal, and instrumental music in New York State schools at the pre-kindergarten through grade 12 levels. The program requires intensive study in music performance, music history, music theory, and methodology of teaching, with an emphasis on world music and urban culture.

For current information regarding policies and procedures for music program acceptance, continuance, and completion, see the Music Major Handbook.

About the Music Department

203 Rockwell Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6401
Fax: (716) 878-6402

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33-39 cr*
Total Required Credit Hours in Basic Musicianship and Performance 70 cr
MUS 171, MUS 173, MUS 271, MUS 273, MUS 371, MUS 373, MUS 471 Applied Instruction (7 semesters; 7 cr)
MUS 290, MUS 313, MUS 314, or MUS 335 Ensemble Requirement (7 semesters; 7 cr)
MUS 113 Brass Techniques (1)
MUS 114 Percussion Techniques (1)
MUS 115 String Techniques (1)
MUS 116 Woodwind Techniques (1)
MUS 119 Vocal Pedagogy
MUS 122 Introduction to Music Studies and Careers (2)
MUS 206 Foundations of American Popular Music
MUS 218 Aural Perception I (1)
MUS 219 Aural Perception II (1)
MUS 220 Technology Applications for Music Education (2)
MUS 230 Music Theory I
MUS 231 Music Theory II
MUS 302 Music History: Antiquity-Baroque
MUS 303 Music History: Classic-Contemporary
MUS 318 Aural Perception III (1)
MUS 319 Aural Perception IV (1)
MUS 321 Composition, Improvisation, and Arranging (2)
MUS 322 Instrumental Conducting (2)
MUS 330 Music Theory III
MUS 331 Music Theory IV
MUS 333 Choral Conducting (2)
MUS 345 Elementary Methods of Music Instruction
MUS 346 Field Experience in Elementary Music (1)
MUS 353 Field Experience in Music for Exceptional Learners (1)
MUS 360 Secondary Instrumental Methods
MUS 361 Field Experience in Secondary Instrumental (1)
MUS 362 Secondary Choral Methods
MUS 363 Field Experience in Secondary Choral Music (1)
MUS 440 Ethnomusicology

Total Required Credit Hours in Professional Education 30 cr
SPF 203 School and Society
SPF 303 Educational Psychology
SPF 403 Historical and Philosophical Forces Influencing Secondary Education
EDU 211 Introduction to Literacy Instruction
EDU 416 Teaching Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools
EXE 100 Nature and Needs of Individuals with Special Needs
MUS 457 Elementary Student Teaching (5)
MUS 458 Secondary Student Teaching (5)
MUS 460 Student Teaching Seminar (2)

In addition to the course requirements for music education majors, the class piano sequence is strongly recommended in the freshman and sophomore years of study:

MUS 161 Class Piano I (1)
MUS 162 Class Piano II (1)
MUS 261 Class Piano III (1)
MUS 262 Class Piano IV (1)

Total Required Credit Hours 133-139 cr

*Up to 6 general education (IF 14) courses (math/quantitative reasoning, American Civilization, Western Civilization, Non-western Civilization, Global and Diversity) may overlap with required courses in the major which could significantly reduce the total number to 120-121 credit hours required. Advisement is strongly encouraged.

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