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Urban and Regional Planning, B.S.

About the Program

Planning is a discipline concerned with effective change and development in a positive and beneficial manner. It has many sub-areas that range from land-use planning to public service planning. The planning program at Buffalo State provides students with a sound, fundamental knowledge of one of two principal concentrations: urban planning or environmental planning. Students majoring in the program are encouraged to develop their own secondary area of interest in planning.

*Evening study available.

About the Geography and Planning Department

A213 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6216
Fax: (716) 878-4009

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33-39 cr

Total Required Credit Hours in the Major 40–42 cr

A. Required Courses for Both Concentrations (21 cr)
GEG 307 Conservation and Environmental Management
PLN 315 Principles of Urban and Regional Planning
PLN 325 Maps and Mapmaking using GIS
PLN 390 Quantitative Methods in Geography and Planning
PLN 396 Research Methods
PLN 412 Community Planning Agencies and Issues
PLN 430 Senior Thesis

B. Concentration Electives (19-21 cr)
Select one of two concentrations:

1. Urban and Regional Planning Concentration Electives (21 cr)
Specialized required course (3 cr)

GEG 309 Urban Geography

Select six courses from the following (by advisement):
ECO 412 Urban Economics
ECO 424 Econometrics
GEG 305 Principles of Economic Geography
GEG 425 Fundamentals of GIS
GEG 427 Corporate Applications in GIS
GEG 485 Interactive and Web-Based Mapping
PLN 310 Urban Transportation Planning
PLN 330 Land Resource Analysis and Planning
PLN 340 Fundamentals of Zoning
PLN 341 Housing and Real Estate
PLN 401 Comprehensive Planning Principles
PLN 488 Internship (3 cr maximum)
PSC 215 Urban Government

2. Environmental Planning Concentration Electives (19-21 cr)
Students in this concentration must demonstrate college-level competency in general chemistry and general biology. These courses are taken outside of the major.

Select one course from the following:
BIO 212 Introduction to Organismal Biology and Diversity
BIO 213 Introduction to Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Select one course from the following:
CHE 101 General Chemistry I
CHE 102 General Chemistry II

Electives selected by advisement (12-14 cr):
BIO 315 Ecology (4)
BIO 418 Limnology (4)
GEG 365 Soil Science and Management
GEG 375 Principles of Hydrology
GEG 386 Applied Climatology
GEG 421 Watershed Analysis
GEG 425 Fundamentals of GIS
GEG 428 Environmental Assessment and Planning Applications in GIS
GES 452 Hydrogeology
PLN 360 Environmental Impact Assessment
PLN 488 Internship (3 cr maximum)
PLN 370 Water Resource Planning

All College Electives: Urban-Regional Planning Concentration 39-45 cr
All College Electives: Environmental Planning Concentration 21-41 cr
Total Required Credit Hours (Either Concentration) 120 cr

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