Still exploring your options? No problem.

Buffalo State University is committed to helping undeclared and exploring students.

Many new students arrive on campus unsure of their major. Research shows 75% of all first-year students have some uncertainty about their educational goals, while an average of 85% declared students change their major at least once.

At Buffalo State, undecided students meet with advisers to explore options, research programs, and make informed academic decisions.


Students who come to Buffalo State without choosing a major receive plenty of guidance and support. Undeclared and exploring students will not be behind; graduation in four years is still possible.

Our professional advisers will assist you with registration, course adding and dropping, and how to select a major or minor.


UNC 100

This course supports the academic performance, social development, and persistence of first-year students at Buffalo State.

The seminar engages students in meaningful inquiry and activities that develop core cognitive skills such as critical thinking within an academic discipline and develop students’ skills that will increase academic success. Offered each semester.

Strengths Finder

What are your interests, values, abilities, strengths, experiences, and personality type? Through self-assessment, you can better understand how certain majors and careers may be a better fit for you.

Degree Components

  • General Education Courses: 33 credits
  • Major: 30-46 credits
  • Minor: 12-21credits
  • All College Electives: Courses of interest to bring you to a minimum of 120 credits

Students are assigned a professional adviser who will work with the student’s individual interests, goals, values, and skills. Key university tools help students understand how courses they choose relate to university, major or minor requirements. These include the online catalog and Degree Works that verifies degree requirements. 

Students must declare a major by 60 credits.


Undergraduate majors


Undergraduate minors


Undeclared students