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Museum Studies (Minor)

About the Program

The minor in museums studies is designed to provide students with the knowledge and expertise to work in the museum setting. It supplements majors in the School of Natural and Social Sciences and the School of Arts and Humanities. An important feature is its flexibility, allowing students to customize the program according to individual interests. It offers three specialization possibilities: administration, curation, and archival/technology. The minor will complement the studies of history, anthropology, art history, geography, music, planning, art education, social studies education and others. It offers students the opportunity to develop interests in history through material culture, and curation and exhibition design. The minor reflects the mission of the History and Social Studies Education department and the college in that it allows students to explore career options by working for cultural institutions and not-for-profit agencies through internships and to prepare for advanced graduate study. Students choose one of three Tracks: Administration Specialization, Curation Specialization, and Archival/Technology Specialization.

About the History and Social Studies Education Department Department

C205 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-5412
Fax: (716) 878-3882

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 21 cr
Required Courses (6 cr)

HIS 380 Introduction to the Museum
(Prerequisite for all other courses)
HIS 419 Curatorship
HIS 420 Administration of the Historical Agency or Art Museum

Electives (6 cr)
CRS 302 Creative Approaches to Problem Solving
HIS 450 Museum Internship (6 cr with approval)
HIS / SSE 488 Internship

Specialization Electives (Choose one track: 9 cr)
Administration Specialization
AED 200 Fundamentals of Art Inquiry
AED 315 Arts in Living
ANT 307 Urban Anthropology
COM 210 Converged Media Writing
COM 301 Principles of Public Relations and Advertising
ECO 201 Macroeconomics
FIN 314 Corporation Finance
ENG 300 Writing for the Professions
HIS 381 The Role of the History Museum
PLN 315 Principles of Urban and Regional Planning

Curation Specialization
ANT 100 Human Origins
ANT 312 Archaeology of North America
ANT 377 Ancient Civilizations
ATS 320 Introduction to Art and Therapy
ATS 325 Art for Children with Special Learning Needs
FAR 250 Art History I
FAR 251 Art History II
FAR 362 Nineteenth Century Art
FTT 206 Introduction to Textiles
FTT 349 History of Textiles
FTT 348 History of Costume
MUS 305 Modern Jazz
MUS 306 Urban Blues and Rock
HIS 425 Museum Preservation and Practice
HIS 468 Readings in African American History
THA 337 Set Design I

Archival/Technology Specialization
CIS 370 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 411 Database Systems
FAR 325 History of Photography
GEG 362 Geography of the United States and Canada
LIB 300 Advanced Library Research Methods
HIS 106 History of American Life I
HIS 107 History of American Life II
HIS 302 History of Women in America
HIS 308 History of Early Canada
HIS 326 History of the Great Lakes Region
HIS 309 American Leaders
HIS 322 African American History
HIS 340 History of the Buffalo Niagara Region
HIS 425 Museum Preservation and Practice
PLN 315 Principles of Urban and Regional Planning
PLN 325 Maps and Mapmaking Using GIS

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