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Political Science (Minor)

About the Program

About the Political Science Department

B218 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6116
Fax: (716) 878-3369

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 18 cr

A. Required Courses: Choose one (3 cr)

PSC 101 Introduction to Government and Politics
PSC 102 Introduction to American Government and Politics
PSC 103 Great Political Issues

B. Distribution Requirements: Choose one course from each category (9 cr)

American Government, Politics, and Public Law
PSC 210 American Presidency
PSC 218 African American Political Culture
PSC 225 Women in American Politics
PSC 250 Introduction to Law
PSC 311 Interest Groups
PSC 312 Legislative Process
PSC 315 State and Local Government and Politics
PSC 317 U.S. Constitutional Law
PSC 320 U.S. Constitution and Civil Liberties
PSC 321 Civil Procedure
PSC 326 Politics and Media
PSC 360 Public Administration
PSC 410 Political Behavior and Public Opinion
PSC 421 Discrimination and the Constitution
PSC/CRJ/SOC 485 Mock Trial

International Relations and Comparative Government
PSC 230 International Relations
PSC 240 European Political Systems
PSC 305 Environmental Policy
PSC 308 International Organizations and International Law
PSC 309 International Political Economy
PSC 330 American Foreign Policy
PSC 333 African International Relations
PSC 335 International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 336 Latin America in World Politics
PSC 337 The Politics of Globalization
PSC 340 Politics of Developing Countries
PSC 341 Government, Politics, and Policies of the European Union
PSC 342 Russian Politics
PSC 345/HIS 313 Politics and History of the Middle East

Political Theory or Political Analysis
PSC 203 Political Analysis
PSC 204 Political Statistics
PSC 250 Introduction to Law
PSC 318 Democracy and Peace: Principles and Practices in the Urban Experience
PSC 351 History of Political Thought I
PSC 352 History of Political Thought II
PSC 355 American Political Thought
PSC 375 Race/Sex/Politics of Myth and Story
PSC 450 Contemporary Political Thought

C. General Electives in Political Science (6 cr)
Note: Courses not used to fulfill sections A and B may also be used as general electives in Political Science.
PSC 203 Political Analysis
PSC 204 Political Statistics
PSC 215 Urban Government
PSC 306 Politics of Energy
PSC 313 Civic Engagement
PSC 316 Urban Ethnic Politics
PSC 318 Democracy and Peace: Principles and Practices in the Urban Experience
PSC 319 GLBTQ Politics
PSC 327 Practical Politics
PSC 325 Welfare Politics
PSC 360 Public Administration
PSC 364 American Public Policy
PSC 389 Topics in Political Science
PSC 390 Italian American Experience
PSC 415 Urban Public Policy
PSC 495 Special Project
PSC 497 Washington Semester
PSC 499 Independent Study

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