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International Relations, B.A.

About the Program

About the Political Science Department

B218 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6116
Fax: (716) 878-3369

Admission Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33-39 cr
Total Required Credit Hours in International Relations 48 cr

A. Required Courses (24 cr)
PSC 101 Introduction to Government and Politics
PSC 203 Political Analysis
PSC 204 Political Statistics
PSC 230 international Relations
PSC 330 American Foreign Policy
PSC 352 History of Political Thought II
PSC 399 Research Skills
PSC 470 Senior Seminar
PSC 488 Internship

B. International Skills Requirements (0-6 cr)

Foreign Language - 201 and 202 (through intermediate level).
International Experience: Internship with a government office or non-profit agency focusing on global issues and/or courses taken as part of a study abroad experience (e.g., a semester-long study abroad experience). Must be approved in advance by International Relations Coordinator.

C. Area Studies Electives (6 cr)
Students are required to complete two courses (6 credits) from the following list:

GEG 364 Geography of Europe

PSC 240 European Political Systems
PSC 341 Government, Politics, and Policies of the European Union

PSC 333 African International Relations

PSC 335 International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 345 Politics and History of the Middle East

PSC 336 Latin America in World Politics

PSC 342 Russian Politics

GEG 360 Geography of Asia
GEG 461 Issues in Southeast Asia Environment and Sustainable Development

D. Concentrations (12 cr)
Students are required to complete one the following two concentrations - Peace and Conflict or Sustainable Development

1. Peace and Conflict (12 cr)
Must take four courses (12 cr)from the following list:

PSC 210 The American Presidency
PSC 302 International Conflict and Peaceful Resolution
PSC 308 International Organizations and International Law
PSC 309 International Political Economy
PSC 330 American Foreign Policy
PSC 337 The Politics of Globalization

2. Sustainable Development (12 cr)
Must take four courses (12 cr) from the following list:
GEG 101 World Natural Environments
GEG 300 World Regional Geography

GEG 303 Global Climatology
GEG 307 Conservation and Environmental Management

GEG 478 Global Change
PSC 305 Environmental Policy
PSC 340 Politics of Developing Countries

E. Electives (0-6 cr)
Students who receive foreign language exemptions should take additional International Relations or Comparative courses.
Note: Courses not used to fulfill sections C and D may also be used as general electives in International Relations.

INE 390 Study Abroad
PSC 495 Special Project
PSC 497 Washington Semester
PSC 499 Independent Study

All College Electives 44-50 cr
Total Required Credit Hours 120 cr

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