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Public Administration and Nonprofit Management (Minor)

About the Program

Public Administration
Classroom Building B218
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6116
Fax: (716) 878-3369

Public administration focuses on the formation and management of public agencies. Studies in public administration may focus on issues such as public resources, accountability, and the description, analysis, and solutions of contemporary management problems in government, nonprofit, and many other agencies.

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 18 cr
A. Required Courses (15 cr)
PAD 360 Public Administration
PAD 307 Metropolitan Governance
PAD 390 Research Methods in Public and Nonprofit Management
PAD 435 Administrative Processes in Public and Nonprofit Sectors
PAD 488 Internship in public agency or nonprofit organization (with Coordinator's approval)
PAD 495 Special Project in Public Administration
PAD 499 Independent Study

B. Electives: Choose one (3 cr)
PLN 315 Principles of Urban and Regional Planning
ECO 320 Managerial Economics
SWK 320 Social Services Organizations
BUS 325 Human Resource Management
ECO 350 Public Finance
BUS 360 Principles of Management
SOC 362 Sociology of Organizations
PSY 367 Organizational Behavior
CRJ 402 Advanced Administration in Criminal Justice
PAD 368 Comparative Public Administration
PAD 389 Topics in Public Administration

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