Dear Buffalo State University Community:

I am writing to address a recent change that has taken place within our community, concerning our relationship with Jericho Road Community Health Center.

Buffalo State University had a revocable permit with Jericho Road, providing temporary accommodation for 30 to 45 Jericho Road asylum-seeker clients from May through early August. This revocable permit was intended as a temporary solution, a steppingstone for Jericho Road as it sought more permanent housing for these families.

At the request of Jericho Road and for the safety of those families and our campus community, this revocable permit was not publicized. Jericho Road recently requested an extension through February. As the academic year begins, it is crucial we continue to ensure our focus is on launching the academic year for students and the Buffalo State campus. After careful consideration, I made the difficult decision to not enter into an additional revocable permit. I want to assure you this decision was not taken lightly but was reached with the best interests of our students and campus community in mind.

I want to reassure you we have taken measures to support the Jericho Road clients affected by this decision. We have attempted to connect Jericho Road to local organizations that we hope can help find alternate housing for the clients of Jericho Road.

I want to express our continued admiration for the work Jericho Road does within our community. Its mission is important, and we enthusiastically applaud its ongoing efforts. We look forward to finding new ways to collaborate and support each other in our shared mission of service.

I thank you for your understanding and compassion in this matter. Let us continue to foster a community that values education, service, and empathy.