Bacon Hall window with spring blossoms

Buffalo State Donates Supplies to Local Hospitals Amid Shortages


Buffalo State College displayed an act of kindness and solidarity with the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic by donating essential supplies to local hospitals on March 30.

The college donated 185 surgical masks, 30 pairs of goggles, and two face shields with replacement windows to Mercy Hospital of Buffalo and Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Buffalo State responded to a mass request from Deborah Arnet, R.N., a representative of the hospitals’ health-care staff, for donations from local unions. Her request explained that the staff of the 28-bed ICU unit had only three remaining pairs of goggles, and that her order for more supplies had been back-ordered.

The college donated supplies from four departments: Art Conservation, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Health and Safety.

Jeffrey Hammer, interim director of environmental health and safety, is currently managing the department’s personal protective equipment supply stock. He said the donation is just one way the college can remain a devoted member of and contributor to the community during these times.

“Buffalo State has a commitment to making our community a better place to live, learn, and prosper,” Hammer said. “Through community engagement, Buffalo State is fully vested in supporting local, regional, state, national, and global agencies.”

Hammer also explained that the college is reaching out to community health-care centers, providers, and hospitals that may be in need of supplies, so that aid will continue to be distributed where necessary. As an anchor institution, the college views its role in helping fulfill the needs of the community at the forefront of its commitments.

“Buffalo State takes seriously its role in improving the community through responsible stewardship of our human and financial resources,” he said. “The donations fully embrace our mission as SUNY’s urban-engaged campus.”