College Council Chair Linda Dobmeier and Interim President Bonnie Durand seated at a table smiling for the camera

Durand Holds Meet and Greet with Campus


Buffalo State University Interim President Bonita R. Durand made one of her first orders of business hosting a meet-and-greet event on June 16.

Several members of the Buffalo State community enjoyed a summertime lunch in the Campbell Student Union Social Hall while chatting with Durand, who was named officer in charge by SUNY Chancellor John B. King Jr. in May. The SUNY Board of Trustees officially approved Durand’s appointment as interim president at its June 6 meeting.

Durand, who served as chief of staff from 1996 to 2018 under five Buffalo State presidents, said she wanted to reacquaint herself with faculty and staff she knew in her previous role and meet more recent hires to the university.

“The meet and greet was a wonderful event with a large turnout,” Durand said. “I was so happy to catch up with former colleagues and connect with new faculty and staff. I noticed that many faculty and staff members were happily visiting with one another, too. I want to encourage an open and collegial working environment during my time in this interim role, and this was a start.”