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In the News: Buffalo State Student Starts Nonprofit Youth Group


Nas Jackson, a junior football player at Buffalo State College, was recently profiled by WKBW for the work he’s doing to help kids learn about law enforcement and their rights. 

The piece, titled “Buffalo College Student Trying to Make a Difference and Create Change,” takes a look at a nonprofit youth group Jackson is starting with a friend. The goal of the nonprofit is to better explain to kids their constitutional rights and how to have a better relationship with law enforcement.

“These are the people who go out and risk their lives every day, but they also have to understand us as a community,” Jackson said in the article. “They have to hear us.”

Jackson, a childhood education major who was featured by WKBW in the past for his perseverance in battling systemic lupus, is a role model for children, said Nancy Langer, president of NativityMiguel Middle School in Buffalo. 

“To have a person like Nas to teach middle school kids how to face adversity, I could not think of a better person," she said.

Jackson is hoping to use his standing as a mentor in the community to create change and show others that they can make a difference.

“As much as we want it to change, history keeps going in this cycle, ” he said in the piece. “So change the mindset. You don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to be scared. We just have to find a way to make it happen, and it starts with us.”