Close up of a stethoscope around the neck of a health-care worker

In the News: Economics Professor Discusses Possible Hospital Workers Strike


Joëlle J. Leclaire, associate professor of economics and finance, recently spoke to the Buffalo News for a story on how a possible strike at Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo could affect all sides involved.

Titled “As Strike Looms at Mercy Hospital, the Stakes Are High,” the story by Matt Glynn and Jon Harris looks at the potential losses of not only the employees who may strike, but also the hospital and the community.

In the piece, Leclaire discusses what goes into making a decision to strike, and why it’s a difficult decision to make.

“I’m sure, for a nurse, it’s got to be super tough to make that decision,” she said in the article. “Those are probably the main breadwinner, if not the only breadwinner, in their families. The decision to go on strike is certainly not taken lightly from anyone’s perspective.”

Nurses are frustrated with their working conditions, Leclaire said; however, a strike at the hospital would resonate throughout the community.

“Every person in this community is a cog in a wheel,” she said. “We all participate in making this society and community the way it is, so that we can maintain health, maintain our level of education, maintain our levels of well-being. Every person plays a part, and when that person isn’t playing their part, the system doesn’t work as well. The nurses withdrawing their services is going to definitely have an impact on the well-being of our community.”