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About Biology

Biology is the study of life. This simple sentence summarizes what is, in fact, an enormous umbrella of disciplines. Biology has numerous subfields, each of which contains even smaller subdivisions. As a biologist, you may find yourself focusing on plants, cells, evolution, genetics, molecules, animals, or a number of other living subjects. The number of organisms and species that fall under the category of “biology” is almost limitless.

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Degree Information

Depending on their individual degree programs, biology majors are prepared for one of three main pursuits after graduation: 

  • Performing laboratory, field, or quality-control work as a biologist  
  • Teaching biology and general science in grades 7–12
  • Pursuing a graduate degree

Recent graduates have been hired as laboratory technicians, research assistants, and environmental scientists for companies and organizations including: 

  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Science Kit
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Here is a small sample of potential biology career paths: 

  • Agriculture/Food Science 
  • Animal Behavior/Science/Health 
  • Aquarium Management 
  • Arbory/Botany (trees/plants) 
  • Entomology (insects)
  • Forensics
  • Fish & Game Conservation


  • Horticulture (gardening)
  • Marine Biology/Oceanography
  • Medical Geneticist
  • Paleontology (fossils)
  • Toxicology (poisons)
  • Veterinarian
  • Water Conservation/Reclamation
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation 
  • Zoo Management 

Biology is also an excellent undergraduate degree for those who would like to go on to work in the human medical professions. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and surgeons can all benefit from a strong foundation in biology. 

Biology Club: This student club aims to bring together future scientists and help them further their understanding of biology through events, seminars, and field trips. 

WNY PRISM: The Western New York Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management works with local scientific organizations to restore and protect Western New York’s natural resources. WNY PRISM is a sponsored program through the Research Foundation of SUNY and is hosted by Buffalo State's Great Lakes Center.


Biology Honors Program: A unique research opportunity that enables undergraduate students with outstanding academic potential to participate in biological research. Successful participants will receive “Graduated with Departmental Honors” on their transcript upon graduation. 

Summer Research Fellowships: A campus-wide Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program (USRF) enables undergraduate students to complete eight weeks of full-time research and creative activities. 

Summer Research Fellowships

Undergraduate research is one of the most powerful ways for students to learn. Working with a faculty member who is a practicing scientist, Buffalo State students can gain experiences not offered by regular courses and can learn first-hand the demands of biological research. Faculty mentors can also provide career information in their area of expertise and write letters of recommendation when students apply to graduate schools or professional programs. Students also may apply for independent study research opportunities. 

Biology students may explore internships in the medical or allied health fields, in research, in zoo or museum work, and in biotechnology firms. Internship opportunities have included:

In addition to internships, students may pursue paid work opportunities. Work-study positions are available in office, stockroom, and greenhouse/animal room settings.

"The institution has a demonstrated commitment, an outstanding commitment to undergraduate research."

“Amy (McMillan, associate professor of biology) was about the best mentor I could have hoped for...My work with Amy has offered me a really unique view of this career as a whole.”

- Robin Foster, Ph.D. Alumni

"The whole point of the program is to think and come up with your own original ideas." 

- Jesse Asiedu Alumni

Honors Options

The Biology Honors Program enables undergraduate students with outstanding academic potential and an interest in a career in science to participate in biological research. 

Stellar Faculty

Biology faculty, many of whom worked for years in laboratories and other scientific backgrounds, provide instruction, guidance, and advisement to majors and have the professional connections to secure placement in fieldwork and internships. 

Great Lakes Center Field Station

More than five acres of waterfront property owned by Buffalo State enables students to gain hands-on field experience. It contains a fleet of 15 vessels, a microscopy lab, and a fisheries lab. 

Eckert Herbarium (ECK)

This on-campus herbarium houses a large collection of vascular plants and flora for student observation and study. 

Science and Mathematics Complex

An exciting revamped facility that biology majors use provides a world-class education with state-of-the-art labs and equipment. 

“I like mystery. I see any ecological landscape as a detective novel, I want to get past the cover.”
Robert Warren Professor, Biology
Derek L. Beahm Assistant Professor
Sandra M. Borbor-Sawyer Visiting Scholar
Shannon M. Casterline Instructional Support Specialist
Susan M. Chislett Administrative Assistant 1
Adam D. DePriest Instructional Support Technician
Robin L. Foster Research Associate (V)
Michael A. Heintz Lecturer
Gavin M. Leighton Assistant Professor
Olga S. Novikova Assistant Professor
Christopher M. Pennuto Chair and Professor
Daniel L. Potts Professor
I. Martha Skerrett Professor
Randal J. Snyder Professor
Gregory J. Wadsworth Associate Professor
Robert J. Warren II Professor
Xiang-Dong Zhang Associate Professor