About the Program

Enrollment in this combined pathway allows highly qualified SUNY Buffalo State College students to work on a Juris Doctor (J.D.) at the University of Buffalo (UB) while completing their Political Science (Public Legal Studies concentration) bachelor of arts (B.A.) at Buffalo State. Up to 30 credits of designated UB law school courses are incorporated into the bachelor’s degree program and will count toward both the bachelor’s degree and the J.D. The combined pathway allows students to complete their undergraduate education and law-degree training in six years of full-time study rather than the normally required seven years of study.

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Admission Requirements

Admission into the combined pathway is highly selective.

Matriculated undergraduate students may apply to the B.A./J.D. pathway no later than the end of their first year (freshman year) and will complete all of the application requirements for the program.

The combined pathway admission application process includes a minimum GPA of 3.5, a statement of intent, and a letter of recommendation (preferably from a Buffalo State instructor; incoming students may use a recommendation from a high school guidance counselor or course instructor).

Students must maintain a 3.5 grade point average in their undergraduate level courses to remain in the 3+3 combined pathway.

Students will have completed 90 credits (all Buffalo State required Intellectual Foundations courses, upper division courses, and Political Science Public Legal Studies Concentration major requirements) at Buffalo State before enrolling in the UB law program.

Students in the combined pathway must apply to the UB School of Law during their junior year at Buffalo State. All UB School of Law admission requirements will apply. The Political Science combined pathway program coordinator will provide guidance to students throughout their four years of undergraduate study.

Program Requirements

The combined pathway requires students to earn a total of 120 credits to be applied to their B.A. degree, of which 30 credits are taken at UB School of Law during the student’s senior year and transferred to Buffalo State.

Students must receive a grade of 2.0 (“C”) or better in the law school courses in order to have them accepted as transfer credit. Students must earn their remaining law school credits (approximately 60 credits) at UB to obtain the Juris Doctor degree. Students must meet all college, department, and relevant concentration guidelines.

The program requires careful planning that should begin no later than the end of the second semester of the student’s undergraduate career at Buffalo State.

The student and the 3+3 program coordinator should consult in planning the undergraduate degree program so that these requirements are met during undergraduate study and that the 30 credits of law school courses from the UB School of Law are included in the degree plan. These law school credits will fulfill general education all-college electives in the student’s final year of undergraduate studies.

B.A. in Political Science (Public Legal Studies Concentration) 3+3 Combined Pathway
Intellectual Foundations Requirements 54 credit hours (including 30 credit hours transferred from UB Law School)

Political Science Major Requirements (36 credit hours)

Required (24 credits)
PSC 101 Intro to Government and Politics (3 cr)
PSC 102 Intro to Am. Gov’t and Politics (3 cr)
PSC 203 Political Analysis (3 cr)
PSC 204 Political Statistics (3 cr)
PSC 250 Introduction to Law (3 cr)
PSC 317 US Constitutional Law (3 cr) OR PSC 320 US Civil Liberties (3 cr)
PSC 398 Legal Skills (3 cr)
PSC 485 Mock Trial (3 cr)

Political Science Distribution Requirements (12 credits)
American Government and Politics – Pick two from the following (6 credits):
PSC 210 The American Presidency
PSC 312 Legislative Process (3 cr)
PSC 321 Civil Procedure (3 cr)
PSC 420 Contemporary Constitutional Issues (3 cr)
PSC 421 Discrimination and the Constitution (3 cr)

International Relations/Comparative Government – Pick one from the following (3 credits):
PSC 308 International Organizations and Law (3 cr)
PSC 309 International Political Economy (3 cr)
PSC 344 Comparative Democracy (3 cr)

Political Theory and Philosophy– Pick One from the following (3 credits):
PSC 351 History of Political Thought I (3 cr)
PSC 355 American Political Thought (3 cr)
PSC 450 Contemporary Political Theory (3 cr)

Plus 30 credit hours of law courses, transferred from UB Law School

Total Credit Hours: 120