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About English

Buffalo State English bachelor’s degree program builds understanding of the development of literatures in English and an appreciation of the variety and richness of literary texts.  Courses emphasize interpretive thinking and precise written and oral expression, and the practices of reading, writing, and critical analysis. Students become adept at arguing a point, framing a narrative and analyzing various levels of meaning. This helps them develop research and critical thinking skills that are an excellent preparation for many professional fields, including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, and business. 

English, B.A.

English, M.A.

Writing, B.A.

English Education, Minor

Literary Studies, Minor

Film Studies, Minor

Technical Writing, Certificate

Degree Information

Because an English degree helps students build important research and critical thinking skills, they are prepared for a range of careers. Our graduates are working in fields as diverse as writing, marketing, teaching, law, and television. Many English majors go on to pursue careers in law or political science, both writing-intensive options. Below are just a few job titles that English program graduates hold: 

  • Author
  • Book Buyer/Agent
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • English Teacher (K-12)
  • English Professor (University) 
  • Grant Writer
  • Insurance Report Writer


  • Journalist
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Librarian
  • Lobbyist
  • Marketing Content Writer 
  • Medical Writer
  • Public Relations Agent


  • Publisher
  • Screenwriter
  • Speechwriter
  • TV Reporter/Anchor
  • Technical Writer
  • Technology or Business Writer
  • Web Content Writer 


Sigma Tau Delta: Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. The Alpha Pi Chi Chapter at Buffalo State was founded in 2009 and recognizes excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service for undergraduate and graduate students.

Summer in Istanbul Program: Through this interdisciplinary study tour explores the ethnic and cultural diversity of Istanbul, Turkey, students study Turkish literature, autobiography, and memoir during a summer trip.

Elm Leaves Journal:  Buffalo State's historic literary and arts journal that has been administered, edited and produced by Buffalo State students since 1948.

Tha Ink Club: This organization promotes freedom of expression, social and political awareness, through service, poetry, and spoken word, but mainly focusing on the verbal art form of poetry. 

Write Your Own Future

Do you spend hours with your nose in a book? Do you have an affinity for the written word, brainstorming new ideas and creative solutions? If so, you might love Buffalo State’s English Program. 

Stellar Faculty

Our faculty members have published countless books and articles in their fields, and present regularly at national and international conferences.

Small Class Size

Because most classes for English majors have about 20 students, students receive plenty of individualized attention.

Loads of Scholarships

Several scholarships are available just to Buffalo State English students.

  • Dr. Charles A. Messner Scholarship ($5,000 annually)
  • Professor Arthur L. Bradford  Scholarship
  • James J. Morris, Jr. Scholarship
  • Dr. Joan D. Rosso Memorial Scholarship
  • Laurence Shine Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • Bard Cappella Academic Award for Applied Literacy
  • Estelle M. Engel Memorial Award

Reading opportunities

Students can show off their writing in campus event such as the Drop Hammer Student Reading Series 

Student literature magazine

Student can participate in literary and arts journal that has been produced by Buffalo State students since 1948. 

Minor options

Several minors complement the English major, including African-American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Theater, Legal Studies, Philosophy, and Film Studies. 

Kim Chinquee

"What I love about the flash fiction genre is the focus on sensory details. It's a different experience for readers; they have to fill in the gaps and learn to read in a different way. "

- Kim Chinquee
Associate Professor, English

"When you get students involved in play, they lose some of their anxiety, especially in the context of a classroom led by a literature professor.”

- Tim Bryant Faculty

"I was blessed with exceptional professors who taught the great literary works from positions both analytical and creative, the importance of multiculturalism in the arts, the fundamental rules of storytelling and, later, how to break those rules to shape my own work,"

- Kyle Bradstreet Alumni
Barish Ali Associate Professor
Marilyn K. Asquith Lecturer
Geraldine E. Bard Professor Emeritus
David N. Ben-Merre Professor
Lisa Berglund Chair and Professor
Gregg A. Biglieri Lecturer
Barbara T. Bontempo Professor Emeritus
Timothy J. Bryant Associate Professor
Patricia P. Carlone Lecturer
James E. Cercone Assoc Professor+ English Ed Coor
Kim K. Chinquee Associate Professor
Milly Clark Lecturer
Johanna M. Fisher Lecturer
Angela B. Fulk Lecturer
Mark K. Fulk Professor
Mark E. Hammer Lecturer
Margaret M. Herb Associate Professor
Merridy A. Knips Lecturer
Aimee M. Levesque Lecturer
Hilary A. Lochte Assistant Professor
Katherine J. Macro Lecturer
Zachary E. Malone Lecturer
William T. McCourt Office Assistant 1 (Keybrd)
Michele Ninacs Associate Professor
Kristen A. Pastore-Capuana Assistant Professor
Lorna L. Perez Associate Professor
Tamara A. Rabe Lecturer
Peter J. Ramos Professor
Jennifer D. Ryan-Bryant Professor
Kevin J. Starr Lecturer
Edward F. Taylor Jr. Lecturer
Macy P. Todd Associate Professor
Aimable Twagilimana Professor
Anna B. Zeemont Assistant Professor