Fiber student adjusting a hanging fiber art piece

About Fibers

Students work in a variety of traditional and experimental media. They explore a range of processes including shibori, devore, screen printing, floor loom weaving, and tapestry weaving, as well as additive and subtractive surface design to create fiber projects.

The Fiber Arts Certificate is a grouping of specialized courses providing a foundation for careers as artists, designers, or other professions in fiber manufacturing and business. The technical skills and design expertise gained through the Fiber Arts Certificate are applicable well beyond the fields of Fashion and Textile Technology and creative artists to multiple creative professions, making the certificate an attractive add-on for students.

Art & Design B.F.A. - Fibers Concentration

Fiber Arts, Certificate

Alexandra R. Allen Assistant Professor
Jozef Bajus Associate Professor
Marie E. Bogner Visual Resources Curator
Stephen L. Caruana Lecturer
Xin Chen Lecturer
Hyeyeon Cho Lecturer
Robert J. Collignon Lecturer
Melissa L. Crowell Lecturer
David M. Derner Lecturer
Eric R. Dolph Associate Professor
Jaclyn M. Ellis Lecturer
Dana L. Fredo Administrative Assistant 1
Frances M. Gage Associate Professor
James R. Goodrich Lecturer
Courtney E. Grim Lecturer
Zachary R. Hellwig Instructional Support Assistant
Lin Xia Jiang Professor
Marguerite N. Kellam Lecturer
Sunhwa Kim Associate Professor
Gareth R. Lichty Instructional Support Associate
Candace P. Masters Chair and Associate Professor
Laurie C. McMurray Lecturer
Erin C. Melfi Lecturer
Joseph A. Miller Associate Professor
Tara J. Nahabetian Associate Professor
Constance M. Nowak Lecturer
Shasti E. O'Leary-Soudant Assistant Professor
Brent D. Patterson Associate Professor
Alice C. Pennisi Associate Professor
Alain Pierre-Lys Lecturer
Stephen F. Saracino Professor
Jorg E. Schnier Associate Professor
Bhakti Sharma Associate Professor
Kathy G. Shiroki Outreach + Adult Educator
Kristina Siegel Lecturer
Colleen Toledano Associate Professor
Teresa L. Weston Lecturer
Mary M. Wolf Assistant Professor
Robert L. Wood Professor