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The painting and drawing studio curriculum emphasizes the development of perceptual and analytical skills through the study of nature and the human figure. Our aim is to provide students with an opportunity to study the powers of expression possessed by shape, form, color, and composition. At the foundation level, we emphasize direct observation and examination of shapes and volumes in space. Students then develop the ability to construct and compose using those shapes and volumes in space. This solid foundation is complemented by the study of Art History and Contemporary Art to prepare students for advanced individual creative expression in painting and drawing. In advanced course work emphasis is placed on the development of students’ intellectual capacity and ability to conceive, initiate, and complete original work according to their own vision.

Art & Design B.F.A. - Painting Concentration

Painting, Minor

Drawing, Minor

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Our program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).


The Art and Design department has a number of  scholarships and awards available.

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Alexandra R. Allen Assistant Professor
Jozef Bajus Associate Professor
Marie E. Bogner Visual Resources Curator
Stephen L. Caruana Lecturer
Xin Chen Lecturer
Hyeyeon Cho Lecturer
Robert J. Collignon Lecturer
Kristin D. Crosson Lecturer
Melissa L. Crowell Lecturer
David M. Derner Lecturer
Eric R. Dolph Associate Professor
Jaclyn M. Ellis Lecturer
Randy S. Fernando Lecturer
Dana L. Fredo Administrative Assistant 1
Frances M. Gage Associate Professor
James R. Goodrich Lecturer
Courtney E. Grim Lecturer
Zachary R. Hellwig Instructional Support Assistant
Lin Xia Jiang Professor
Marguerite N. Kellam Lecturer
Sunhwa Kim Associate Professor
Judith M. Kosinski Lecturer
Gareth R. Lichty Instructional Support Associate
Candace P. Masters Chair and Associate Professor
Joseph A. Miller Associate Professor
Joselyne E. Morocho Lecturer
Tara J. Nahabetian Associate Professor
Constance M. Nowak Lecturer
Shasti E. O'Leary-Soudant Assistant Professor
Brent D. Patterson Associate Professor
Alice C. Pennisi Associate Professor
Stephen F. Saracino Professor
Jorg E. Schnier Associate Professor
Bhakti Sharma Associate Professor
Kathy G. Shiroki Outreach + Adult Educator
Kristina Siegel Lecturer
Colleen Toledano Associate Professor
Edreys Wajed Lecturer
Robert L. Wood Professor
Melinda J. Wright Lecturer