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The Spanish B.A. program develops a student's ability to communicate in Spanish and introduces students to the masterpieces of the literature of Spanish-speaking countries and the most significant aspects of Hispanic culture. 

Spanish, B.A.

Spanish, Minor

World Languages Advantage Certificate

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National Spanish Honor Society: Eligible students are inducted into local chapters of Sigma Delta Pi.

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Teaching English: Students may find opportunities to teach English at community organizations:

Journey’s End Refugee Center

The International Institute

Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY

Study Abroad: The Modern and Classical Languages department sponsors a five-week summer study experience in Salamanca, Spain.

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Our Ambassador Model

We commit to preparing students for ambassadorial stewardship in an age of increasing economic and cultural globalization. The empathy and appreciation we show one another, in light of our plurality of identities and perspectives, serves as a model that we endeavor to instill in our students. 

Minor Choices

Students who plan to teach a foreign language are encouraged to take a second language. Flexibility enhances your chances of success in your post-college career. Our minor programs include: French, German, Italian, and Spanish and two years of coursework in Chinese and Classics, and one year in Arabic.

Small Classes

Our major programs offer you small classes which promote student participation and proficiency in the foreign languages and afford you, the student, the opportunity to get to know your professors well.


The Dr. Charles A. Messner Scholarship Fund is a $5,000 annual scholarship available to humanities students.

  • The Dean’s Award for Excellence in Foreign Language
  • The Ernest S. Falbo Modern Foreign Language Award: Outstanding students in modern languages
  • The Charles A. Messner Classic Prize: Students in the classics (Greek, Latin, or classical studies)
  • The Javier Ortiz-Calderón and Maribel Garrett Award: Senior Spanish majors
  • The Dr. Eliane McKee French Education Scholarship: Professional French, Francophone Studies, or French Education majors
Iris N. Cintron Administrative Assistant 1
Andrea Guiati Chair + Dist. Teaching Professor
Deborah L. Hovland Associate Professor
Rafika Merini Associate Professor
Marko J. Miletich Assistant Professor
Fanny Olaya Lecturer
Phillip Santiago Lecturer
Yongbo Tian Lecturer
Mark K. Warford Associate Professor