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Three New Things to Look For at Runway 2024


Runway, Buffalo State University’s Fashion and Textile Technology (FTT) Department’s annual student-produced fashion show, presented by New Era Cap, returns Saturday, April 20, with some exciting new additions.

Since its debut in 2008, Runway has provided students with a professional venue to showcase their talents. In addition to the onstage display of student designs, students are responsible for marketing, creative direction, logistics, and stylistic choices for the event. This year’s show features 11 senior designers and 110 models, along with many other student designers and participants.

While many aspects of this year’s Runway will be recognizable from previous years—a live red carpet; collaborations with Africana studies, theater, dance, fiber arts, and photography; a panel of judges comprising FTT alumni, fashion professionals, and sponsor representatives—there are also new elements. Erin Habes, ’03, ’18, Buffalo State lecturer and Runway director, is committed to heightening the event’s profile and influence each year by adding new opportunities for student participation, increasing cross-departmental collaboration, and ensuring participation of prominent FTT alumni. 

Here are three new things to look for at Runway 2024:

Bengal Bodega
Attendees can shop the Bengal Bodega, a pop-up boutique that celebrates Buffalo State University’s entrepreneurial spirit, in the lobby before and after the show. Seven student vendors will offer a curated selection of products including jewelry, pottery, vintage clothing, and embroidery.

“Bengal Bodega is a unique experience,” said Alexis Roth, junior FTT major and Runway marketing director. “We have such talented entrepreneurs on campus.”

Bengal Bodega supports Milligan’s Food Pantry by contributing 10 percent of its proceeds to combat food insecurity among students at Buffalo State.

A Debut Collection from Landon Moreis
Each year, FTT alumni involvement highlights the invaluable impact that applied learning opportunities like Runway have on post-graduation success.

“After graduation, the connection doesn’t end,” Roth said. “We’re proud to count many alumni among our sponsors, and the show features an alumni section that highlights the growth and talent of designers since their Runway debuts.”

This year’s featured alumni are Madeline McDaniel, ’22, a graduate student in the creativity and change leadership program; Rubiya Nsiah, ’22; and Landon Moreis, ’19, who recently signed a deal with lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters. Moreis, who will release a collection for Urban Outfitters on April 22, will also debut a collection at Runway 2024.

Signature Tote Bags Designed by Popular Brand OM NEW YORK ‘Octavious Marks’
Alumni involvement continues with a one-of-a-kind Runway souvenir. To commemorate this year’s event and theme, Edward Anders, ’22, and business partner Kenyatta “Yatta” Huston, co-owners of the popular brand Octavious Marks, have designed a custom tote bag that will be available for purchase. 

Over the past 10 months, Octavious Marks has gained more than 80,000 followers and sold over 1 million units, including shoes, clothing, hats, and bags. 

The tote bag’s design was inspired by this year’s theme, “True Delusion,” which explores layers and facets of mental health.

“We play along the idea that delusion is a response to what is not there, but that through this feeling the opportunity for exploration and creation is endless,” Anders said. 

“The custom-made tote bag is a great way for people to take a piece of the show home with them,” Roth added.

“Both Yatta and I are extremely excited for this year’s show,” Anders said. “I am particularly honored to be involved, as I was in their shoes as a student just over a year ago. The talent and hard work are evident. The show is going to be amazing!”

To learn more about Runway 2024 and to purchase tickets, please visit the Runway website. Admission is $20 for the general public and $100 for VIP access.

Runway 2023 photo by Jesse Steffan-Colucci, Buffalo State photographer.