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Lead the Way

Are you ready to engage in a dynamic educational leadership program?

This post-master’s program provides the opportunity to pursue building and district leadership roles in education. The program prepares you for the rigors of educational leadership and the challenges of working with faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community. You will be taught by a faculty of practitioners who are currently in or have been in leadership positions.

Educational Leadership, C.A.S.

Educational Leadership, Combined School Building Leader/School District Leader, C.A.S.

Teacher Leader C.A.S.

Educational Leadership Program Overview


A mentor is assigned to each candidate upon entrance to the program. Mentors are veteran school administrators who have many years of experience as principals, central office administrators, or superintendents. They provide aspiring educational leaders with support, encouragement, guidance, decision-making skills, "critical friends," and courageous leadership opportunities.

Franklin Covey Workshops

The Franklin Covey organization has long earned its accolades for helping all levels of organizations with its “Lead Myself, Lead My Team, Lead the Organization,” system of personal empowerment. Candidates will experience classes that help them develop in two essential areas. Character – one's ability for personal and interpersonal effectiveness and Capabilities – one's ability to achieve sustainable results.

National Recognition

Our education programs have received awards from the National Association of Professional Development Schools for outstanding work in collaborating with school partners to provide exemplary teacher preparation programs.


Candidates emerge from our education programs with quality clinical experiences to ensure success in the field.

Individualized Attention

Classes required for the major have a typical class size of 12-25, with the field-based courses having a maximum class size of 15, which means plenty of individualized attention from professors.

Experienced Faculty

All faculty members are certified, experienced classroom teachers who have continued their own professional development through research, professional presentations and/or publications.​

“Because of Buffalo State, I am the professional I am today, and will be the leader I want to be tomorrow.”
Sara Qureshi, '21 District Instructional Data Coordinator