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About Higher Education Administration

Our program is an accessible program designed for aspiring professionals and to foster a workforce that was not only more representative of the increasingly diverse college population, but was also more prepared to work in an increasingly diverse professional setting. Our graduates possess the openness and ability to advocate for full and equal participation of all community members in post secondary educational settings. We strive to develop leaders in higher education and student affairs who are exceptional scholars and practitioners with knowledge, skills, competencies, and an ethic of care needed for sound professional practice.

Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration, M.S.

Assessment in Student Affairs, GCP

Degree Information

HESAA Collective:  The HESAA Collective aims to maintain a support system that will incorporate the academic, social and professional needs of the students of the HEA department. 

Professional Associations:  HESAA students are encouraged to become affiliated with a professional organization within the field of Student Affairs or Higher Education. These organizations provide access to professional development, mentoring, networking, and leadership opportunities.

First of Its Kind

Founded in 1970, our program is one of the first programs of its kind in the United States. 

“The skills and connections I made have been invaluable in my career and form the basis for how I work with students.”

- Daniel Islam Alumni

“I was able to gain experiences that I think really elevated my options when job searching and helped me to stand out in applicant pools.”

- Julia Strada Alumni