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About Mathematics

The study of mathematics is a vast and varied concentration that provides students with a diverse discipline to examine. At its core, mathematics is concerned with complex problem solving. However, this study is comprised of far more than just algorithms and equations. In essence, the study of mathematics centers around deduction, logic, and inference—qualities that prove invaluable both in and out of the classroom.

The majority of mathematics majors are preparing for careers as secondary school (grades 7–12) mathematics educators. We are proud of the fact that Buffalo State mathematics graduates are employed throughout Western New York as well as in schools all over the United States. Upon graduation, a student who has completed our mathematics/secondary education program is well prepared for a faculty position in a high school or junior high school.

Mathematics, B.A.

Mathematics Education (7-12), B.S.

Mathematics Education (7-12), M.S.Ed

Mathematics Education (7-12), PTC

Mathematics Education (7-12; 5-6 Extension), B.S.

Mathematics Education (7-12; 5-6 Extension), PTC

Mathematics, Applied, B.S.

Mathematics, Minor

Professional Applied and Computational Mathematics, M.S.

Statistics in Insurance, Certificate


Our professional science master's degree in applied and computational mathematics is recognized by the Council of Graduate Schools.

We Conform

All programs conform to the recommendations of the Mathematical Association of America's Committee on the Undergraduate Program, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.