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About Multidisciplinary Studies

If you have unique professional and educational objectives not readily met by a traditional master’s degree program, you are a prime candidate for a multidisciplinary studies program.

Buffalo State College offers both a master of arts (M.A.) and a master of science (M.S.) in multidisciplinary studies. Through advisement and within certain guidelines, students design their own degree program by selecting graduate courses from academic departments in the college or from other accredited institutions.

Multidisciplinary Studies, Individualized Track, M.A.

Multidisciplinary Studies, Individualized Track, M.S.

Degree Information

Through advisement and within certain guidelines, the Individualized track allows students to design their own programs by selecting graduate courses from any department at the college or from other accredited institutions.

The first step is for students to select graduate course work from a variety of academic areas at Buffalo State which may include, but not limited to: 

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Creative Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Data Analytics
  • Design
  • Earth Science and Science Education
  • Engineering Technology
  • English
  • Economics and Finance
  • Fine Arts, Geography and Planning
  • Great Lakes Ecosystem Science
  • Health Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Higher Education and Student Administration
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Psychological Foundations
  • Sociology

Content Area: It is important to select a specific content area for which your main course work and culminating experience (Master’s Thesis) will reside. 

Elective Courses: Elective courses may vary and should complement the student’s educational and professional objectives.

Once content courses have been determined, the student must seek out a graduate faculty member (with graduate faculty status designation) from a department directory to work with. A copy of the Statement of Intent and the Principal Adviser Consent Form must be provided to the identified faculty member who has agreed to work with the student.

Principal Adviser Consent Form

The principal adviser is charged with working closely with the student throughout the plan of the study and as a point of contact with the Graduate School to support and advise the student. 

The principal adviser reviews the statement of intent and eventually approves a plan of study and agrees to serve as thesis adviser. A detailed plan of study, including specific courses, may be required.