Teacher shows test tube to students

About Science Education

This master of science in science education program is designed for individuals holding an undergraduate degree in a core science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology, or Physics). Candidates who complete 31-37 credit hours (which includes student teaching and a master's project) in education coursework may qualify for NYSED initial certification allowing them to teach science in grades 7-12 in New York State.

Science Education M.S.Ed.

Amy L. Boutet Lecturer
Lisa A. Brosnick Lecturer
Judith S. Davis Lecturer
Ana L. Fusco Lecturer
Susan H. Gubing Lecturer
Kimberly A. Lemieux Lecturer
Steve M. Macho Chair and Associate Professor
Jennifer M. Parker Lecturer
Joanne L. Ryan Lecturer
Stanley P. Skotnicki Lecturer
Anedda R. Trautman Lecturer
Allen A. Turton Lecturer
Joseph L. Zawicki Associate Professor
Suzanne C. Zewan Lecturer