Morgan Snow at Homecoming

Morgan Snow

When Morgan Snow arrived at Buffalo State as a first-year student, she was the only person she knew from her hometown of Whitesboro, New York, a suburb of Utica. She now admits to initially feeling isolated, alone, and homesick.

“But I didn’t want homesickness to get the best of me,” said Snow. “My first semester, I joined a bunch of different clubs. I got involved with Alpha Epsilon Phi, which led to other positions.”

Indeed. Snow has served as president of the Inter-Greek Association, ​vice president of recruitment for the College Panhellenic Council, a campus orientation leader, a senior resident assistant (RA), Homecoming Committee member, and Weeks of Welcome undergraduate coordinator. Plugging into various campus organizations led Snow to discover a large circle of friends and boosted her confidence.

“I love the city of Buffalo and I love the school,” she said. “I want to pass (this love) along to everyone I meet.”

"I really get to see the culmination of student success on campus. And it has inspired me to do it for the rest of my life.” 

Leadership Leads to Change

Snow has emerged as a poised young woman with career aspirations honed from her campus involvement. She originally chose Buffalo State for its fashion and textile technology (FTT) and communication programs. She saw the two disciplines as the perfect preface to a career in fashion merchandising. But now, after serving in a range of campus leadership positions, she wants to pursue a career in higher education administration.   

“In these roles, I really get to see the culmination of student success on campus. And it has inspired me to do it for the rest of my life,” said Snow. “When you find that passion, you just want to keep doing it.”

Snow knows firsthand how higher education can change not only a person but also a family.

As a child she watched her mom, a single mother, earn a college degree while working and caring for Snow and her sister.

“I saw the passion she had to grow and learn and make a better life for us,” she said. “I can see the wonders that higher education can do for people.”

She also knows how a caring staff member can significantly impact a student’s life. She points to Student Life director Sarah Young and assistant director Kristen (Catalano) Helling as her champions.

“They have helped me every step of the way,” Snow said. “I know that I can always go into the office and talk about my problems and how to fix them. They’ve mentored me in searching for grad schools. They probably have been my biggest motivators and support at Buffalo State.”



Helping New Students

In turn, Snow has served as a motivator to unsure students living in her residence hall. In her role as RA, Snow recognized her talent connecting with students and helping them find themselves.

“I get to see my residents grow on a constant basis,” she said. “From last year to this year, I’ve seen students take on new positions on campus where they’re achieving and thriving, and they continue to look to me for support.”

She also is motivated by her work with the Inter Greek Association.

“Not only do I get to represent my organization but all the organizations on campus,” she said. “I see the potential in everyday students realized.”


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