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Our Scholarly Community

SUNY Buffalo State's celebrated faculty are dedicated to research, scholarship, and creativity. Faculty members are scholars and teachers, engaged in research with extensive scholarly publications and creative and artistic exhibitions. Graduate School faculty are experts in their fields, as dedicated to teaching as they are to their own creative and scholarly pursuits.

Buffalo State supports faculty throughout their careers as they pursue the tripartite mission of this institution of teaching, research, and service.

Graduate Faculty Appointment

Graduate faculty status is awarded to faculty who, by virtue of their training, experience, and scholarly accomplishments, are uniquely qualified. The Buffalo State Directory of Policy Statements (DOPS) VI:11:00 lists the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of graduate faculty as follows:

  • May teach graduate courses
  • Shall accept the assignment of graduate advisees and shall serve as mentor or reader for master's thesis or project or independent study for graduate students
  • Shall certify and recommend for graduation all graduate students completing requirements for their respective curricula

Buffalo State Directory of Policy Statements (DOPS) VI:11:00 (PDF)

Teaching at the graduate level presupposes advanced intellectual or practical achievements; such faculty should demonstrate state-of-the-art or cutting-edge competence in order to provide proper instruction for graduate-level students. Members of the graduate faculty shall hold the highest recognized degrees in their field of specialization together with suitable experiences and scholarly achievements required by the nature of their teaching. Each department shall establish minimum criteria that further clarify the type of training, experience, and demonstrated scholarly activity required.

Appointment to the graduate faculty varies: tenured faculty members may receive permanent appointment to the graduate faculty unless and until that status us revoked by the department committee, department chair, or dean; tenure-track and full-time lecturer appointments may receive terms matching the length of their current contract with the university; adjunct faculty members may be nominated for a one-semester or one-year appointment consistent with the terms of their contracts; faculty members from other campuses may receive graduate faculty status for a particular task, such as serving on a thesis committee or advising a thesis or project.

The department chair shall initiate nominations for graduate faculty status. The nomination packet shall consist of:

  • Completed Graduate Faculty Status Appointment Form 
  • Applicant's current vita
  • List of courses the applicant is qualified to teach
  • For adjunct faculty appointments or in other cases where the candidate does not hold a terminal degree, the chair should attach a brief description of the candidate's training, experience or scholarly activity. This description should provide evidence of the faculty member's special competence to teach the assigned course(s).

Graduate Faculty Roster

Anselmi, Lisa Marie Permanent  
Hart, Kimberly Permanent  
Maguire, Susan Permanent  
Wieczkowski, Julie Permanent


Art and Design
Bajus, Jozef Permanent  
Friesen, Stanley Permanent  
Gage, Frances Permanent  
Jiang, Lin Xia Permanent  
Kim, Sunhwa Permanent  
Masters, Candace Permanent  
Miller, Joseph Permanent  
Ogle, Philip Permanent  
Payne, Kenneth Permanent  
Pennisi, Alice Permanent  
Saracino, Stephen F. Permanent  
Stockton, Yola 8/31/23  
Townsend, Carol Permanent  
Wolf, Mary 8/31/23  
Wood, Robert Permanent


Beahm, Derek 8/31/21  
Burlakova, Lyubov 8/31/22  
Foster, Robin 12/31/24 (thesis)  
Hrycik, Allison 6/30/22 (thesis)  
Karatayev, Alexander Y. Permanent  
Leighton, Gavin 8/31/21  
McMillan, Amy Permanent  
Novikova, Olga 8/31/23  
Pennuto, Christopher M. Permanent  
Perez-Fuentetaja, Alicia Permanent  
Pettibone, Gary Permanent  
Potts, Daniel Permanent  
Skerrett, I. Martha Permanent  
Snyder, Randal J Permanent  
Standora, Edward 12/31/21 (thesis)  
Wadsworth, Gregory Permanent  
Warren II, Robert Permanent  
White, Tom Permanent  
Zhang, Xiang-Dong 8/31/23


Al-Saigh, Zeki Y. Permanent  
Bagley, Kimberly Permanent  
Biswas, Sourav 1/13/24  
Durfee, William Permanent  
Giffin, Christine thesis committee  
Goniewicz, Maciej 5/31/22  
Goodman, M. Scott Permanent  
Heo, Jinseok Permanent  
Kim Joonyeong Permanent  
Nazarenko, Alexander Y. Permanent  
Ploeger, Rebecca Permanent  
Ridolfi, Douglas 8/31/24  
Sabatini, Camila thesis committee  
Severson, Mark W. Permanent  
Shugar, Aaron Permanent  
Suwal, Sujit 8/31/24


Braemer, Dorothea 8/31/23  
Bryski, Bruce G. Permanent  
DiMaio, Gabriel 5/31/22  
Fuerst, Therese 5/31/22  
Hubbard, Katharine 8/31/22  
Liao, Ann Permanent  
Malcolm, Jacquelyn Permanent  
Marren, Joseph Permanent  
Myers, Latrese 5/31/22  
Niman, Michael Permanent  
Silverman, Deborah Permanent


Data Science and Analytics  
Copeland, Jessica 5/31/22  
Horton, Angela 5/31/22  
McCall, Betsy 5/31/22


Earth Sciences  
Bebak, Marilou 1/5/22  
Bergslien, Elisa Permanent  
Brosnick, Lisa 5/31/22  
Singer, Jill Permanent  
Solar, Gary S. Permanent  
Williams, Kevin K. Permanent  
Zawicki, Joseph Permanent  
Economics and Finance  
Byrley, Theodore Permanent  
Chaas, Eugene 5/31/22  
Fisher, Bruce 6/30/21  
Floss, Frederick Permanent  
Hayes Jr., Curtis Permanent  
Hunter, Nicole 8/31/20  
Jo, Tae-Hee Permanent  
Kasper, Victor Permanent  
Leclaire, Joelle J. Permanent  
Qian, Xingwang Permanent  
Schmidt, Ted Permanent  
Wilcox, John 8/31/22  


Ali, Barish Permanent  
Ben-Merre, David Permanent  
Berglund, Lisa Permanent  
Bryant, Timothy J. Permanent  
Cercone, James Permanent  
Chase, Anthony Permanent  
Chinquee, Kim Permanent  
Fulk, Angela 8/13/21  
Fulk, Mark Permanent  
Herb, Maggie 8/31/23  
Pastore-Capuana, Kristen 8/31/23  
Perez, Lorna Permanent  
Ramos, Peter Permanent  
Reigstad, Thomas Permanent  
Ryan-Bryant, Jennifer D. Permanent  
Todd, Macy 8/31/23  
Twagilimana, Aimable Permanent


Garmen Art Conservation
Beckett, Fiona 1/1/23  
Chen, Jiuan-Jiuan Permanent  
Hamilton, Emily 1/8/23  
Ploeger, Rebecca Permanent  
Ravines, Patrick Permanent  
Shugar, Aaron Permanent  
Smith, Theresa 8/31/22  
Thornton, Jonathan Permanent  
Geography and Planning  
Bird, Simon 12/31/21  
Frothingham, Kelly Permanent  
Hartloff, Jesse thesis committee  
Holmgren, Camille Permanent  
Mix, Wende A. Permanent  
Tang, Tao Permanent  
Vanchan, Vida Permanent  
Vermette, Stephen J. Permanent  
Great Lakes Center
Clapsadl, Mark D. Permanent  
Karatayev, Alexander Y. Permanent


History and Social Studies Education  
Abromeit, John Permanent  
Carson, David Permanent  
Chesterton, Bridget Permanent  
Conides, Cynthia Permanent  
DiLandro, Daniel Permanent  
Ederer, Martin Permanent  
Fisher, Wynnie Permanent  
Gradwell, Jill Permanent  
Hauser, Reine 1/5/22  
Kotlik, Ronald 1/6/21  
Lazich, Michael C. Permanent  
Loughead, Tanya 6/30/22  
Lupo, Ann 1/6/21  
Mernitz, Ken Permanent  
Michaels, Albert Permanent  
Nicholls, Andrew Permanent  
Norman, York Permanent  
Orosz, Kenneth Permanent  
Peraza, Steven 12/31/23  
Pratt, Renee 5/31/22  
Serure, Dana 8/31/24  
Weekly, Nancy 5/31/22  
Wiedemer, Noelle 8/31/23  
Bayram, Saziye Permanent  
Brimkov, Valentin Permanent  
Carbonara, Joaquin Permanent  
Cunningham, Daniel Permanent  
Cushman, Jane Permanent  
Ghosh, Chaitali Permanent  
Hanson, Eric 1/5/22  
McMillen, Susan Permanent  
Mercer, Peter Permanent  
Monteiro, Joana 5/31/21  
Morton, Jeffrey 8/31/21  
Nagowski, Matthew 5/31/22  
Nutakki, Nirmala 8/31/22  
O'Dell, Robin Permanent  
Richburg, Murray 1/5/22  
Sanders, Robin Permanent  
Swan, Bruce Permanent  
Wilson, David Permanent  
Wuertzer-Magner, Jodelle Permanent  
Xu, Hongliang Permanent  
Yuen, Chris 1/5/22  
Modern and Classical Languages  
Guiati, Andrea Permanent  
Hovland, Deborah Permanent  
Kirby, Carol Permanent  
Summers, Robert Permanent  
Warford, Mark Permanent  
Bewlay, Holly Permanent  
Boyce, Emily Permanent  
Drummond, Evan 5/31/21  
Ferington, Paul 8/7/20  
Fleming, Rick Permanent  
Filsinger, Mark Permanent  
Furby, Victoria Permanent  
Gulish, Sarah 8/7/20  
Guzski, Carolyn Permanent  
Henriques, J. Thomas Permanent  
Murnane-Robertson, Nora 5/31/22  
Renzoni, Kerry Permanent  
Witakowski, Thomas Permanent  
Blessing, Kimberly Permanent  
DeMarco, Michael J. Permanent  
Ettestad, David J. Permanent  
Henry, David Permanent  
MacIsaac, Dan Permanent  
Rai, Ram Permanent  
Political Science & Public Administration  
Armstrong, Anthony 5/31/22  
Baek, Kyeonghi Permanent  
Bowers, Joshua 5/31/22  
Brown, Byron 5/31/22  
Buonanno, Laurie Permanent  
Cappella, Betty Permanent  
Ceesay, Atta Permanent  
Ciaccia, Frank 5/31/24 (thesis/project)  
Knight, Jason Permanent  
McGovern, Patrick Permanent  
Neal, Anthony T. Permanent  
Parshall, Lisa 5/31/22  
Pendleton, Michael S. Permanent  
Ranahan, Molly 1/5/22  
Rivera, Jason Permanent  
Shauku, Adamu 8/31/24  
Soni, Suparna 8/31/22  
Stone, Kenneth 5/31/22  
Yacobucci, Peter Permanent  
Delprino, Robert Permanent  
DiPirro, Jean Permanent  
Foraker, Stephani Permanent  
Hennessy, Dwight Permanent  
Hunt, Jennifer Permanent  
Karuza Jr., Jurgis Permanent  
MacLean, Michael Permanent  
Norvilitis, Jill Permanent  
Reid, Howard M. Permanent  
Schuetze-Pizarro, Pamela Permanent  
Zborowski, Michael Permanent  


Krieg, Eric Permanent  
Newmahr, Staci Permanent  
Shanahan, Michele thesis committee  
Shelton, Allen Permanent  
Wall, Amitra Permanent  
Welborn, Gary S. Permanent  
Zhang, Jie Permanent
Career, Technical, and Science Education (ED)  
Alampi-Cortez, Theresa 5/31/22  
Davis, Judy 8/31/24  
Greene, Clark 8/31/24  
Gubing, Susan 1/4/23  
Lemieux, Kimberly 1/4/23  
Macho, Steve Permanent  
Popovich, N. John Permanent  
Ryan, Joanne 5/31/22  
Trautman, Anedda 5/31/22  
Zewan, Suzanne 1/4/23


Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership (ED)  
Abraham, Marck 5/31/22  
Arioli, Rosemary 8/31/23  
Bair, Elizabeth 5/31/21  
Buscaglia, Syndi 1/5/22  
Carter, Julie 5/31/21  
Cercone, Gretchen 5/31/21  
Chicola, Nancy Permanent  
Christmann, Robert 1/4/23  
Cummings, Mary 1/11/21  
del Prado Hill, Pixita Permanent  
DeMartinis, Maria 5/31/22  
Dixon, Carleen 5/31/22  
Dudek, Kristin 1/5/22  
Elias, Crystal 8/31/23  
Freedman, Andrew 1/5/22  
Frey, Susan 1/4/23  
Friedland, Ellen 1/4/23  
Garas-York, Keli Permanent  
Gasiewicz, Carla 5/31/21  
George, Patricia 8/31/24  
Giarrizzo, Joseph 5/31/22  
Henry, Alayla 1/4/23  
Henry, David Permanent  
Henry, Julie Permanent  
Horstman-Riphahn, Tamara Permanent  
Hunter, Jevon Permanent  
Kahn, Drew 6/1/20  
Kindzierski, Corinne 8/31/24  
Klenk, Laura Permanent  
Krueger, Lisa 1/5/22  
Kuttesch, Elizabeth 1/4/23  
Lochte, Hilary 1/16/23  
Loehr, Peter W. Permanent  
Maloney, James 1/5/22  
Maskell, Dianna 5/31/22  
McCarthy, Dianne Permanent  
McLeish, Wendy 8/31/23  
Mike, Dennis 1/4/23  
Minervino, Kurt 5/31/22  
Naab, Laurie 1/6/21  
Nyachae, Tiffany 8/31/21  
Paskowitz, Fran 1/4/23  
Paterson, Wendy Permanent  
Regan, Douglas 5/31/22  
Reichenberg, Jennifer 8/31/23  
Rustowicz, Maura 1/4/23  
Saperston, Kristin 1/4/23  
Shandomo, Hibajene Permanent  
Shively, Christopher Permanent  
Smith, Coralee Permanent  
Smith, Kirsten 5/31/22  
Truesdell, Kimberly 1/4/23  
Tryjankowski, Anne 1/4/23  
Weber, Sherri Permanent  
Widmer, Emma 1/4/23  
Zhang, Jing Permanent  
Exceptional Education (ED)  
Alsace, Tamara 1/5/22  
Budin, Shannon Permanent  
Colon, Gliset 8/31/24  
DiCesare, Dane 5/31/22  
Dokshansky, Elena 1/4/23  
Doody, Kathy Permanent  
Harris, Judith 5/31/22  
Hashey, Andrew 8/31/23  
Iorio, John 5/31/22  
Jacob, Cornelia 5/31/21  
Janczak, Theresa Permanent  
Johnson, Shawn 1/4/23  
Maheady, Lawrence Permanent  
Mailhot, Michelle 5/31/22  
Maloney, James 1/5/22  
Miller, Kevin Permanent  
Mirabella-Ormsby, Lauren 5/31/22  
Palumbo, Kathleen 8/31/23  
Patti, Angela Permanent  
Posluszny, Mark. Permanent  
Rafferty, Lisa Permanent  
Raimondi, Sharon L. Permanent  
Ramos Zagarrigo, Awilda Permanent  
Rivera, Jose 5/31/22  
Schmidt, Raquel Permanent  
Sommerstein, Lynne 1/4/22  
Spiesz, Susan 1/5/22  
Van Gordon, Brittany 5/31/22  
Vince Garland, Krista Permanent  
Zgliczynski, Timothy 1/4/23  
Social & Psychological Foundations of Education
and Adult Education
Fish, Reva Permanent  
Gold, James Permanent  
Hoston, Douglas 8/31/23  
Iorio, John 1/4/23  
Mattai, P. Rudy Permanent  
Means, Alexander Permanent  
Nikischer, Andrea Permanent  
Nyachae, Nyandusi 1/27/23  
Senthinathan, Gehan 8/31/23
Lewellen, Chelsea 1/6/21  
Mike, Dennis 1/4/23  
Thering, Angela 5/31/22
Ahiarah, SoloChidi Permanent  
Basile, Jennifer 1/1/26  
Chow, Yew Wah (Jeff) 8/31/22  
DeNisco, John Permanent  
Gupta, Uma Permanent  
He, Jiaxiu 9/1/25  
Lai, Christine Permanent  
Littman, Michael J. Permanent  
Marecki, Edward 8/31/23  
Mathien, Lorena Permanent  
Zylka, Mary Ann 5/31/22


Computer Information Systems  
Banerjee, Sarbani Permanent  
Gareau, Stephen Permanent  
Ghosh, Sumanlata 5/31/22  
Guo, Ruth Permanent  
Santa Maria, Ramona R. Permanent  
Sherman, Barbara Permanent  
Thompson, John Permanent


Creativity and Change Leadership  
Burnett, Cynthia Permanent  
Cabra, John F. Permanent  
Davis, Orin 8/31/23  
Firestien, Roger 1/4/23  
Fox, Jon Michael 8/31/22  
Keller-Mathers, Susan Permanent  
Puccio, Gerard J. Permanent  
Schwartz, Matei 5/31/22  
Stolz, Camille McKayle 1/25/22  
Yudess, Jo 1/4/23


Criminal Justice
Breen, Clairissa 8/31/23  
Cretacci, Michael Permanent  
D'Angelo, Jill Permanent  
Gayadeen, Shashi Permanent  
Johnson, Scott Permanent  
Dae-Young Kim Permanent  
Menasco, Melissa Permanent  
Petlakh, Ksenia 8/31/23  
Phillips, Scott Permanent  
Sobol, James Permanent  
Song, John Permanent  
Szockyj, Elizabeth Permanent  
Wu, Jawjeong Permanent


Engineering Technology
Ahmed, Saquib 8/31/23  
Devgun, Mohan S. Permanent  
Du, Jikai Permanent  
Earshen, John Permanent  
Goldberg, Stephanie Permanent  
Grinberg, Ilya Permanent  
Hotchkiss, Anthony Permanent  
Kukulka, David J. Permanent  
Mancuso, Peter 1/5/22  
Mayrose, James Permanent  
McCartney, Susan Permanent  
Stempniak, Richard A. Permanent


Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Cardina, Catherine Permanent  
Colaizzo-Anas, Tina Permanent  
DeNysschen, Carol Permanent  
Hemler, Drew 5/31/22  
Kasprzak, Christina 1/5/22  
Oh, Suk Permanent  
Panek-Shirley, Leah 8/31/21


Higher Education Administration  
Badaszewski, Phillip 1/6/21  
Diaz, Hermen 8/31/24  
Haggerty, Brian 5/31/22  
Harvey, Kimberly 1/5/22  
Haumesser, AnneMarie 12/31/21  
Hulbert, Jonathan 5/31/22  
Jackson, Kimberly Permanent  
Kline, Kim Permanent  
Maldonado, Heather Permanent  
McDonald, Patrick 5/31/22  
Priester, Thomas 5/31/22  
Sauter, John 5/31/21  
VanDerLinden, Kim 12/31/21  
Wilson, Amy Permanent


Speech-Language Pathology
Budin, Kathryn 5/31/21  
Cincotti, Theresa Permanent  
Crockford, Amy 5/31/22  
Felsenfeld, Susan Permanent  
Fulcher-Rood, Katrina Permanent  
Heximer, Christopher Permanent  
Houk, Ronald 5/13/22  
Insalaco, Deborah Permanent  
Maldonado III, Camilo Permanent  
Mann Kahris, Sara Permanent  
McNerney, Kathleen Permanent  
Mule, Christina Permanent  
Senthinathan, Dona Anita 8/31/24


Master’s Project or Thesis Advisers

All graduate faculty who serve as advisers of record for a student’s master’s project or thesis—outside their normal teaching load—will be compensated in the amount of $100 per credit (up to $600). This money will be paid to the faculty member via extra service after the student is approved to graduate by the Graduate School.

Multidisciplinary Studies Principal Advisers

All graduate faculty who serve as principal advisers for M.S. Multidisciplinary Studies students, which includes advising the master’s project or the thesis, will be compensated $600. This money will be paid to the faculty member via extra service after the student is approved to graduate by the Graduate School.

The Graduate School will track the registration for master’s theses and projects as well as the appointment of principal advisers for Multidisciplinary Studies students; it will monitor the completion process for students in both situations and will work with academic dean's offices to manage the payment to the faculty member.

Request Form

The request form for remuneration is made available at the close of the grading window each semester. Requests must be made within two weeks after the grading window closes to allow for processing.

Remuneration Request Form