Graduate student presenting in class

Welcome back to SUNY Buffalo State!

First, congratulations on your decision to resume your studies!

If you withdrew from the university at any time and for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily, we're here to help you get back on track.

Ready to reapply, reconnect, and reengage? Let’s get started on your readmission to Buffalo State.


Reapply (If Needed)

Returning students who have not registered for coursework within one year of initial acceptance or have allowed their registration to lapse for at least two academic semesters must reapply to regain their status as a student.

Online Application

Submit your application, fee, and any necessary materials.

There is no specific deadline for nondegree applications however course availability may be impacted based on the submission date of application materials. Additional fees may apply for students who submit applications after their desired semester has begun.


Contact Your Department

Contact your sponsoring department to discuss current program requirements.

Note: Departments may waive previously supplemental application requirements.


Send Official Transcripts

Former Buffalo State students do not have to submit their Buffalo State transcripts. Only transcripts for courses taken externally after initial acceptance at Buffalo State are required.

  • If requesting an official physical (paper) transcript, the school may send it directly to 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Cleveland Hall 204, Buffalo, NY 14222) or to the applicant. 
  • Physical transcripts must be received in unopened, sealed envelopes. 
  • If requesting an official electronic copy, the school must send it directly to Buffalo State. Electronic copies will not be accepted if sent from the applicant.