Image of the Buffalo State crossword puzzle

Test Your College Knowledge with a Buffalo State Crossword Puzzle



In his spare time, David Ben-Merre, Buffalo State College professor of English, applies his love of language in an unusual and remarkable way—creating crossword puzzles.

It’s an interest he developed while working toward his doctorate at Brown University and a practice he continues today. Through the years, he’s constructed several crossword puzzles that have appeared in legal and literary journals. The New York Times published one, on January 9, 2013, and afterward, the Buffalo News featured an interview with him.

This spring, Ben-Merre collaborated with M. Scott Goodman, professor of chemistry and crossword puzzle enthusiast, to create a puzzle for Buffalo State in honor of its 150th anniversary.

“Scott and I wanted to put something together to celebrate our wonderful colleagues at Buffalo State and add a little levity to the conclusion of what has been a very long couple years,” Ben-Merre said. “It was fun trying to think up possible answers. The grid, surprisingly, came together quickly, and then we worked on some Buffalo and Buffalo State clues. I’m hoping that Daily Bulletin readers, after solving the puzzle, will have some good theme suggestions of their own.”

We hope you’ll take a break during this busy semester’s end to relax and challenge yourself—and your Buff State knowledge—with this fun crossword, “Buffalo State at a Crossroads.”

Puzzle answers will be posted next week in the Daily Bulletin. Watch for the link.

Download the puzzle (PDF, 148 KB).

Download the puzzle solution (PDF, 142 KB).

An accessible version of the puzzle and solution may be provided upon request. Please email Marketing and Communications for support.