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EOP Admission to SUNY Buffalo State University

The State University of New York (SUNY) Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) provides a vehicle for admission to college for those who need it. EOP provides counseling and tutoring support services to students that are both economically and educationally placed at a disadvantage. EOP provides participants with a counselor who has the sole responsibility of providing academic and personal support to program students. 

Note: EOP is not a Financial Aid or Scholarship Program it is an academic support program.

  • New York State resident for 12 months prior to enrollment. 
  • Attend and graduate from a New York State-recognized high school.  
  • Applicants must be ineligible for admission under traditional standards, but demonstrate potential for completing a college-level program 
  • You must be both eligible academically and financially to be considered for EOP Admission. 
  • Apply to Buffalo State University
  • Submit your official high school and/or previous college transcripts
  • Once we receive your transcripts, we will review your application academically
  • If you are academically eligible for EOP, you will be moved on for financial review
  • If you are above the academic criteria for EOP admission, you will be updated to general admission

Send all missing application documents to admissions@buffalostate.edu

Transfer students who would like to be considered for admission as an EOP student must have been enrolled in EOP, HEOP, SEEK, or College Discovery if offered at a prior institution.

If a student is transferring from an institution that does not have an EOP, HEOP, SEEK, or College Discovery program, they must submit parent/guardian tax information that would have been required for review had they applied to Buffalo State as a first-year student.

Please reach out to transfer@buffalostate.edu with any questions.

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