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What Is Non-degree Study?

Non-degree study allows you to review particular subjects without taking all of the courses required to complete an undergraduate degree.

If you’re an adult learner without college experience and do not qualify for matriculated study, you may also enroll as a part-time, non-degree student.

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A Note About Applying

  1. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

About Credits

Students may enroll in up to 11 credit hours of coursework each semester on a space-available basis.

Credits earned may be applicable if the student is accepted as a formally-matriculated student.

No College Experience?

That’s OK!

If you do not qualify for matriculated study you may also enroll as part-time, non-degree students. 

After completing 15 credit hours of college-level coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.0, you are eligible for degree study. Credit hours earned will be applicable to your degree.

Academically Dismissed?

You must wait one full year before before enrolling under non-degree status. If you are readmitted, your cumulative average will include grades from your previous enrollment.

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