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Admission Requirements

Academic Performance

  • Admission is based on academic performance in high school and on space availability.
  • Successful applicants will be those who submit a completed application (i.e., application form, standardized test scores, essay, and high school transcript) with a demonstrated competitive high school curriculum.

    NoteDue to testing availability limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic, submission of SAT or ACT test scores is optional for Spring 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 applicants.
  • Students who apply without demonstrated success in a competitive curriculum may be reviewed using “holistic review,” which includes a variety of factors (e.g., standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, strength of high school program completed, and extracurricular participation).

Special Consideration

  • Special consideration for admission is available to applicants with extenuating circumstances that may have affected their past academic record. Students admitted under the special consideration provision may have stipulations attached to their admission (e.g., specific course enrollment, academic skill development, mentoring). 
  • The percentage of special consideration admissions will be reviewed annually in a meeting of the Standards for Students Committee and the associate vice president for enrollment management.

Civic engagement and social responsibility are hallmarks of a Buffalo State education. 
Future Bengals: Be assured that any disciplinary action associated with your participation in a peaceful protest will not jeopardize your admission to Buffalo State.

Buffalo State accepts about 68 percent of first-time applicants.

General Admitted Student Profile High School
Average: 80.1-88.7 (Middle 50%) | 85 (Mean)

Honors Admitted Student Profile High School
Average: 91.3–95.3 (Middle 50%) | 93.5 (Mean)

EOP Admitted Student Profile High School
Average: 77.8–83.4 (Middle 50%) | 80.9 (Mean)

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Dates and Deadlines

Buffalo State College accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis. 

Dates and Deadlines
Enrollment Deadlines Spring 2021
Common Application deadline 12/15/20
SUNY Application deadline 1/15/21
Required Documents deadline 1/15/21
Classes begin 1/25/21
Dates and Deadlines
Enrollment Deadlines Fall 2021
Common Application deadline 7/28/21
SUNY Application deadline 8/6/2021
Required documents deadline 8/13/2021
Classes begin 8/30/2021

A Note About Enrollment Deadlines

  1. Some programs and scholarships have limited availability and may close before the priority deadline so please apply well before these dates.

Jeremiah Perez-Torres
Jeremiah Criminal Justice

"I was really excited that I could connect campus opportunities with my career goals. This experience increased my leadership skills and built up a strong resume"


Morgan Snow at Homecoming
Morgan Higher Education Administration

“I love the city of Buffalo and I love the school,” she said. “I want to pass (this love) along to everyone I meet.”