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Gerontology (Minor)

About the Program

The Gerontology Minor draws together courses from a number of academic disciplines around the theme of human aging. Students will learn about physical, social, and psychological changes that occur in adulthood; ways of addressing older adults' needs; and how to promote successful aging.

The Gerontology Minor is an interdisciplinary minor. The following academic departments are involved in the minor: Anthropology, Biology, Health and Wellness, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology. The minor is open to majors from any department and is seen as complementing the training the student receives in his or her major.

Objectives of the Minor:

*Students will acquire a core foundation in the study of aging as an interdisciplinary field.
*Students will have an individualized experience in the field of aging that is tailored to their unique interests and /or career goals.
*Students will understand the breadth of the field of aging by being able to select from a broader array of elective coursework that reflects the multiple disciplines in the study of gerontology.

Requirements of the Gerontology Minor:

*Minor program requirements may not overlap more than 9 credit hours with a student’s major program requirements.
*Students from any major may take the Gerontology Minor.
*Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative average for admission into the minor
*A maximum of 3 courses of transfer credit will be permitted.

About the Psychology Department

C312 Classroom Building
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6215
Fax: (716) 878-6228

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 18-21 cr
Required Courses (9 cr credits including prerequisites)

PSY 327 Adult Development and Aging I * (prerequisite: PSY 101)
HEW 345 Wellness, Fitness, and Aging

Electives (select any three by advisement, 9-12 cr including prerequisites)
FIN 110 Personal Finance
FIN 345 Estate Planning
HEW 225 Introduction to Disease Prevention
NFS 102 Introduction to Nutrition
PSY 388 Psychology of Death and Dying*
PSY 427 Adult Development and Aging II*
SLP 220 Introduction to Communication Disorders (for non SLP majors)
SLP 405 Communication Disorders II (for SLP majors or by permission)*
SOC 352 Sociology of Aging*
SWK 321 Elderly and Social Services
XXX 488 Internship
XXX 495 Independent Study
*Requires prerequisite. Consult adviser and Undergraduate Catalog.

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